Bike Jerks is a labor of love and your guide to the good life.

We design and make things, organize cycling events, ride our hearts out, and try to be good to each other. Some people love us, some people don't. Either way, we'll keep doing it no matter what.

It's a life's work in progress.

Clothing, Hats, etc

I make custom one of a kind things using the least amount of machinery and equipment possible. Each garment is unique and slightly different. They are made by hand and it shows. They are not perfect, or uniform. The lack of equipment was once a financial necessity and has now become an aesthetic choice. Relying only on eyes and experience is a concept that I still enjoy very much.

I only use water based inks because they do not require any solvents and are much more user and environmentally friendly.

If you're not satisfied, let me know and we'll work something out. Unless you're a total dick about it, we'll find an equitable solution to whatever your woes are.

I use recycled packing materials whenever possible, and prefer to ship USPS. this is because they are probably going to your address anyway. let them deliver the package. UPS and FedEx make a special trip, wasting resources.

Local deliveries will often be made by bike courier.

contact: jeff[at]