Month: September 2012

Race Face

another classic from the king of Roubaix

More Classic Bike Jerks

Two things I am almost always guilt of are self indulgence and nostalgia and I just can’t resist posting another classic BJ joint. This edit was the first to feature the crew of kids that I started riding… Read More

Fall Essentials

some people tell me that I need help…

Classic Bike Jerks

Between making that flyer the other day and the sMc Classic video I got all nostalgic about doing tricks on actual track bikes which lead me to watch a few of the old Bike Jerks edits from 2008. This one… Read More

Bike Jerks Ad in Urban Velo

Welcome back to the SK news channel, today we’re happy to bring you the latest Bike Jerks ad in Urban Velo magazine. another winner

Friday Funday with B.Ridget

Classic Style

Off to the U.P.

I just got back from Vegas and today it’s off once more with the dudes for a weekend of mountain biking and boozing in Copper Harbor Michigan.  That’s way up there in the Northern most part of the… Read More

Lee’s Peacock Groove SSCX

Today I’m proud to bring you the second half of the bikes from the FTP post, Lee’s own Peacock Groove Single Speed Cross racer. This thing has disc brakes, a black paint job, and stealth bomber status.  You… Read More

TIG in Japan

At Interbike AC’s Japanese distro laid this new issue of Pedal Speed on me, and who happens to be on the cover? None other than SK, Kelly Mac, and Thor. #TIG