Month: October 2012

Track or Treat Photos by Daniel

It was a long and crazy weekend, and I have not had time to process the photos or the proceedings.  Others have though, so check out this photo set by Daniel. your winners, Kesha and Loretta in an… Read More

Homey Fall Fest

Homey Fall Fest 2012 Sunrise Inn – S. MPLS Meet at Noon Be prepared for anything Gears will be met with sneers  

Friday Funday with B.Ridget

Track or Treat Is Now a Chuey Fundraiser

Cycling circles nationwide are organizing to stand behind San Francisco’s Kachusha “Chuey” Munkanta, who is in a heap of legal hassle and medical bills after being brutalized by the S.F. police and getting felony charges.  (I won’t rehash the… Read More


Track or Treat Tomorrow

don’t forget to show up, and bring a six pack for party admission course is only 13.5 miles long.  it’s going to be a mad sprint.

Classic Style

Tall Wool Socks are Awesome

via AC blog


Bike Jerks, helping you live the best life possible. heads up by Bobby Brown

Subfloor Circuit – Portland

this is going to be insane, and there’s a very good chance that yours truly will be in attendance stoked