Month: October 2012

Shorthand for Asshole

Sometimes in life it can be very tricky to judge the quality of a human being at a quick glance, not that you should always go around judging people at a quick glance, but it happens and can… Read More

Bike Jerks Jerseys For Sale

if you missed the preorder for BJ kits, you’re in luck as I ordered a few extra jerseys. In stock 1 Medium Men’s 4 1 Large Men’s The price is $65, including shipping, to anywhere in the continental U.S…. Read More

Copper Harbor Trip: Part 1

Last Thursday Joshy, Treasure, Kopish, D.O., Mavis, and myself all barreled North 8 hours to the riding hot spot of Copper Harbor Michigan. Now Copper Harbor is a small town in the Keweenaw Peninsula known mostly for being… Read More

Copper Harbor Trip: The Turk’s Inn

As I’m still unburying myself from a whole pile of undone stuff that needs doing, I thought I’d keep it brief and open up my recent travel coverage with a glimpse into the amazing world of Wisconsin Supper… Read More

All-City Stainless Steel Pint

You all know of my affection for my PDW stainless pint glass, so after getting their blessing to ape the idea, I am stoked to present you with our version. It’s got our shield logo on the front,… Read More


back safe but still catching up, be with you soon.

BMX Video Monday

If you don’t love Ruben, you’re a total kook