1X1 Rat Ride

by Jeff on December 21, 2012

Time for a little history lesson.

Before Surly was Surly, it was called 1×1.  This frame was, and I’m reaching for the history here as it’s a little fuzzy for me, offered through a small ad in the back of Dirtrag as the 1×1 Rat Ride. Not many were made as the company shortly adopted the Surly moniker and changed the model name to 1X1.

To see one of these around is beyond rare, even here in MPLS where we most likely have the highest concentration in the world.  I’d say that I have even seen more of the first blue 1″ threaded Cross Chccks than I have Rat Rides. (that’s three blue Cross Check’s to 2 Rat Rides in the 7.5 years I’ve lived here)

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