2013 Limited Edition All-City Wool

So stoked on how these turned out, and super stoked on how my modeling career is developing…

All-City 2013 Limited Edition Wool
Long Sleeve

Short Sleeve


I’ve got to go, I’m pretty sure French Vogue is calling on my other line….IMG_3660

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SK Gif

SK! SiperWeiner

Mike’s Ibis Scorcher

I’ve mentioned the Ibis Scorcher before, but this is the first one I have ever seen in the flesh. It belongs to my co-worker Mike, who’s the Campy sales guy.

For the uninitiated, the Ibis Scorcher is a fairly legendarily bike that was handbuilt in California during the early 90’s. It was essentially, the first modern production fixed gear for light off road and gravel use. They didn’t make many of them, and they have become quite sought after by collectors.

This one was bought by Mike as is, and it’s got a pretty interesting build on it, what with the radial non drive lacing in the rear, and the nice mix of Suntour componentry.


oh, and if you’re wondering about the bottle, it’s the famous Ibis Hot Unit. Way ahead of it’s time.

Stoked on Fixed Bikes

During the summer, I tend to ride my track bikes around town, but rarely do I bother to commute on a fixed wheel.

Winter though, you’d have to be crazy to want to put in the time required to keep a geared drivetrain functioning smoothly in the Minnesota salt.  Winter is the domain of my trusty Big Block, and I got to tell you, right now I don’t want to ride anything else.  It’s so much fun to stomp down the frozen avenues, and rally over the snow piles.

Two brakes, and a fixed wheel.  Every winter I rediscover just how reliable, fun, and outstanding that combination can be.  Ultimate control.

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of your winter ride, let the world see your grime


Old Time Bikes

Product Review: Knog Blinder Rear

Early this fall, my buddy Brian hooked me up with some Knog goodies to test. By far my favorite is the rear Knog Blinder 4V Pulse. It’s a rechargeable (via USB), easily take-off-able, rear light that mounts via your seatpost.

As you can see I’ve got mine mounted upside down, as it’s the only way it’ll make friends with my seatpost while the rear fender is also attached.

I’ll keep this short: it’s as bright as a Superflash without being nearly as annoying to riders behind you, it’s got a few different pulse patterns, and is easily the sweetest rear blinky I have ever tried.

It’s bright as hell, is easy to remove, and rechargeable. My only niggle is that I wish it were snugger around a 27.2 post, but it hasn’t caused me any issues.

Highly Recommended

Campy Skull

in my workshop cleaning this weekend I came across the original artwork for the “Campy Skull” by my buddy Reid III.

It’s a blast from the past dating to July 2007.

TIG Shirts

IMG_0469I’m not going to explain the TIG thing, because really it’s not mine to explain, but if you were around in Richmond, Chicago, or MPLS you know the deal.

I’m donating 10 of these to Stupor Bowl as the prizes from Bike Jerks, but if you’d like to own one, send an email to jeff at bikejerks and I’ll make it for you.

Men’s are on grey, women’s are on heather grey, American Apparel shirt stock.  The price is $20 plus shipping.

hit me up dawg