Month: April 2013

Skate Video Wednesday

Dose of Awesome

Winter Projects: Schwinn Madison Part 6: The Reckoning

Sunday I spent the whole evening in the shop dialing in three of my track bikes. I put the Cappy back together (more on that later), prepped my mint Schwinn Madison for sale, and built up my rat… Read More

Bike Shop Blues

last Friday at One on One

For Sale: 56cm 1985 Schwinn Madison

Friends, every now and then you have to let go of a special member of your collection, for me and my beloved ’85 Madison that time has come. I’ve wanted a Madison ever since I became interested in… Read More

Spring Essentials

Snow day

BMX Video Monday

Bandit Cross This Friday 4/26

Yes dear friends, although Spring refuses to happen, we’re declaring the long cold winter over with the start of Spring Bandit Cross Season. The first race of the year will take place down in the dog park proper… Read More

Stay Up!

Friday Funday with B.Ridget