Month: November 2013


Austin Texas pickups 

Winter Project

Miss You Dudes

It was a heck of a time

Poaching Etiquette

Yesterday I was out riding and decided to deviate from my normal route. I cut past a no bikes sign onto some wide jeep trail, then ran smack dab into a pretty cool single track that I had never… Read More

Roller Games

Stick with it, it starts getting pretty good after 2 minutes. I don’t know if you recall from your childhood trips to the Roller Garden, but doing anything on rollerskates is pretty hard.

Austin Trip Portraits

I just published the portraits from my trip on the AC blog.  Here are a few favorites.


BMX Video Monday

if you want to skip the emotional arc, skip ahead to about 4:45 to have your mind blown.  

Winter Essentials

check this out. it’s the jim jam


super good