Month: January 2014

Style Icons

It’s been a while since I stopped doing these posts on the regular and I’d like to fix that starting now. Ladies and Gentleman, Joan Jett  

Come on Down to Nightengale Tonight

Myself, D.O. and Kopish will be on the wheelz of steel for late night happy hour. Starts at 10pm


Trash Bags Stupor Bowl Prizes

Race Face

Jesus Christ, look at this full goblin mother fucker Hinault’s coming to eat your children.

Holy Shit I’ve Never Seen This Before

total fucking hatchet job

River Bottom Closings

This is a Bike Jerks community announcement: The MN River Trail area will once again be closed evenings from 5pm until 7am, Jan 21 – March 15th for the Deer Removal Program. The area from Old Cedar to… Read More

More Old School MBMA Photos

Pullled these way back in 2010, don’t know who to credit.

Skate Video Wednesday

One of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time. So creative, and such excellent board control. Believe me, you need to watch it. Oh wait, this one might be even better.

Stupor Bowl I

This being the biggest race weekend of the year in the Midwest, it’s only proper to pay respects and celebrate the Minneapolis Bicycle Messenger Association’s gift to the world all week. Here then is a photo from Stupor… Read More