Month: March 2014

Heading to LA

I’ll be gone all weekend, but should be back with you Wednesday. The weather’s supposed to be amazing in Minneapolis, get out there and enjoy it. If  you want to follow along with my adventures out west, check… Read More

Skate Vid

Leo Romero, so good.


This past Sunday the temp was right around 30 degrees and after the winter we’ve had that means only one thing, time to spend some quality time outside down by the river. So Joshy, John, myself and the… Read More

Van Life

As a proud man with a van, this warmed my heart. Van Life from Parachute Parachute on Vimeo. thanks to Prolly for the heads. As a matter of fact, now that it’s getting nicer, I can’t wait to… Read More

Winter Pro Tip

Lube those nipples son! The other day I stripped my neglected winter ride down to the frame to make sure nothing was seized. As part of this maintenance I of course had to put my wheels in the… Read More

Milwaukee Messenger Invitational

this was our posse, minus Kevin Sparrow A few weeks back I jumped in a car with Andy from Trash Bags, Jeff O, and Alton and headed down Milwaukee way for the annual Milwaukee Messenger Invitational. It had… Read More

45North Wolvhammer Review

photo John Watson I’ve been wearing the 45North Wolvhammer boots all winter, and have been wanting to write a review but felt I needed to get at least a full season on them to have an educated opinion. And… Read More

Fairdale R & D

Really enjoyed this new one from Fairdale. Loads of creativity. Fairdale R+D from Fairdale Bikes on Vimeo.

BMX Video Monday

Callan Stibbards “Still Bleeding Black & Blue” Part from Deprae Films on Vimeo.

MPLS: See you at the Slick 50 Saturday

Hey there gang, hope to see all of your shining faces on Saturday for Hurl’s annual Spring fling. This time we’re headed out to Hammerheart brewery. Be there or be square.