Month: April 2014


Pull up to a light, bust a trackstand

Fixie Rap!

Spring Essentials

Soundtrack to a rainy / sleeting Wednesday. I tell you, the toughest thing about being on your own is the inability to tune out the outside world. When you have someone, it’s easy to cop an I don’t… Read More

Saturday Afternoon

Bike Nomads Photo Show

Our buddy Chris Guibert has a new show opening at One on One on the 19th. ┬áIf you’re in town check it out. Details below.

Saturday Night

Had grand plans of heading to the Bottoms with a full posse, but one by one the homies all bailed. SK came to the rescue though and we loaded up the sausages, beers, and potato packets and headed… Read More


stoked to be in the woods almost everyday now.

Matt Spencer Scraps

This scraps edit from Matt is super good. Always one of the few to make fixed freestyle look smooth. Matt Spencer | Scraps from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

BMX Video Monday

Ya’ll know how much I dork out on nose manuals, if you love them too, you’re gonna like this. Happy Monday.

Favorite Things: Green Guru Handlebar Bag Cooler

I won this Green Guru Cooler Handlebar Bag (retail $45), at an alley cat last fall and since that time it has become an indispensable piece of my backpack party kit. While intended to be a handlebar bag,… Read More