Month: April 2014

New Bike Day: Breezer Storm

This was this year’s Winter Project, a late 1990’s Breezer Storm. The bike was procured from my buddy K.K. after sending out a vague email stating that I was looking for a classy vintage mtb frame to build… Read More

BMX Video Monday


photobombing a kit shoot for the new All-City Chevron jammers


Sorry to be all up on GNR, yes I realize Axl Rose is pretty much the worst. Yes, I still love this live version of Patience.

Mudfoot Dirty Hundo Event Recap

Just finished scratching out the event recap for the Mudfoot Dirty Hundo.  It was without a doubt the hardest and most inspiring ride I have ever undertaken. Head over to the All-City blog for full story and photos


Discovered this Baby Huey record after perusing this list of the top 50 most drug addled albums of all time and making some downloads. So good, a definite new funk cornerstone of my collection. It’s a must have,… Read More

Belated BMX Monday

Erik Elstran killing it in Austin TX

Dutch Take on Cycling in the U.S.

worth a watch

Back from L.A.

They there party people, just in from L.A. and stoked on just about everything. Life is beautiful people. I’ll be posting content from the trip on the All-City blog as they underwrote the trip, but I’ll make sure… Read More