Month: May 2014

Support Chuey!!!

On behalf of Stevil Kinevil on behalf of Chuey: Attention friends in the Bay Area- As many of you know, some time ago our friend Chuey got jammed up by the SFPD and is facing felony assault charges… Read More


Welcome to Summer!

Watch This

there’s some filler, but the bangers are absolutely jaw dropping BSD – Kriss Kyle at home from BSD on Vimeo.

Twin Six NSC Velodrome T

Caught this on Milano Fixed, it looks like Twin Six has a rad new shirt coming down the pipeline.

All City Championships 2014 Sponsors

(So Far) Huge thanks to all the companies who have committed to pitching in and making this year even better than last. Remember it’s coming up July 10th – 12th   more to surely come

MPLS Stolen Bike Alert

From our pal Andy. I had two bikes stolen last night in the Seward neighborhood- please keep an eye out. They are pretty easy to spot: Surly Krampus- light blue, 18″ frame, black rims, brown Chromag saddle. Gold… Read More



The New Style

New Roads

On Memorial Day I decided to continue the streak of centuries with a long one on unexplored roads heading South East. After a flat tire and an emergency run to Erik’s in Eagan to resupply on a spare… Read More