Month: December 2014


All solid pickups (thanks to Saisha for the Warren G), but I’m most stoked on that Joan Jett.

All-City’s Nobeyama Photos

Just finished putting up the photos from our trip to the Nobeyama cross race. Very proud of how they turned out. You’ll have to go to the AC site for full story, but here are some favorites.  

Carol of the Spokes

Loving this from our homies at Velocity. Carol of the Spokes from Velocity USA on Vimeo.

BMX Video Monday

Kings of Winter Shirt Bump

Figured now’d be a good time to plug one of my favorite Bike Jerks designs of all-time. The design was done by the ultra talented Micco Caporale, and celebrates those riders who do it all year long. We… Read More

Dose of Awesome

Dose of Awesome

Happy Holidays from Bike Jerks

Wishing you the best this Holiday Season, hope you use to the time off to do rad things with rad people. As always I appreciate your readership and support, it means the world to me. xoxo jeffrey

Road Bike Party 3

Well worth a watch, it’s unbelievable what these dudes can do in the drops. wonder how many carbon rims they trashed making this…

Nerds Be Jizzin: Kato Cycles Nagoya

Just did the first post on our Japan trip over at the All-City blog on Kato Cycles. This place is amazing and I wanted to share it here with you as well. Downstairs is a modern bland shop,… Read More