Month: April 2015

Skate Video Wednesday

How about some hot Milwaukee action?

Golden Saddle Cyclery

A few favorites from the youngest old bike shop in the country.  

Dose of Awesome

The phoenix rides again.

Peacock Groove Plus System Headset

Hey ya’ll, it’s time to wrap up this Peacock Groove love fest. The whole point of which was to advance my belief that Minneapolis’ own Erik Noren, the self described “Liberace of Bikes,” is easily the most daring frame builder… Read More

BMX Video Monday

Peacock Groove Dual Suspension Tandem

Up next in our series of “Erik will build anything” posts on Peacock Groove we have this dual suspension tandem from a few years back. I don’t know much about it other than it was commissioned by a… Read More


Skate Video Wednesday

A classic Rick Howard part for your Wednesday.

Surly Krampus Redux

If you are  a frequent reader of the blog you know that a while back I was fortunate enough to lay hands on a Surly Krampus, I even wrote a review about it. In that review I derogatorily referred to… Read More

Hey Kyle!!!!

See you soon. And stay tuned to see more of this bike tomorrow. Also, don’t worry about the blog while I’m in California, I’ve got some most excellent scheduled content, including another edition in the Peacock Groove series…. Read More