Month: July 2015

Really Proud of This One

One of the best images I have made in a while. Taken on an All-City kit shoot in the mountains of Utah.

All in a day’s ride

From a Spring trip to Los Angeles, on the bike with Sean of Team Dream

Summer Essentials

The GMS… Bike

This one’s near and dear to my heart, the first “custom” bicycle I have ever owned. This baby started out life as a blue 94 Fuji Suncrest that I bought second hand off Minneapolis bike mechanic legend Parts… Read More

Limited Edition Bike Jerks X Hammerbone 10th Anniversary Caps

To celebrate our 10th anniversary we got together our homie Leif over at Hammerbone to create this limited edition 10th Anniversary cycling cap. Only 25 of these made in South Minneapolis (only 6 blocks from Bike Jerks HQ)… Read More

BMX Video Monday

Not Made In France

*right side small print “Not Made in France”

My Pink Mr. Pink

Now that All-City has released info on the new Mr. Pink, I am free to post up photos of my new road machine. Retiring my trusty red MP was difficult as I’ve owned that bike for four years… Read More


Top Cap Game

Has just been won…. On a Chris King top cap: “Come To Forbidden City, You Change Your Way” Game. Set. Match.