Month: August 2015

Hitting The Road

I’m off to Colorado for NACCC’s and a side trip to Moab, but don’t worry I’ve got a whole bunch of good stuff scheduled while I’m away. If you want to follow along on my adventures, check out… Read More

BMX Video Monday

The Greatest American Cyclist of All Time

The other day at work some co-workers and I were having a discussion regarding who the greatest American Cyclist of All Time was. While a number of names were discussed: Hampsten, Lemond, Armstrong, etc. In my heart there… Read More


stoked to see our homies Dominican Crihs and Sean in this new vid from Heavy Pedal Crank from Zangs Films on Vimeo.

Because it’s now cross season…

at least in Minneapolis anyway.

Leif’s Russ Denny Roadie

This murdered out Russ Denny belongs to none other than Hammerbone Caps owner Leif-o. Russ Denny’s are fairly rare birds as the only one I’ve seen have been located in Minneapolis (though he also builds under contract for… Read More

BJBC 10th Anniversary Kit Details

Yo, yo, yo. Party people we are now in the second week of the old Bike Jerks kit drive and it’s time to hit you with some more photos of the kit, up close and personal. Check out… Read More

Lake Superior

A few weeks back Chelsea, Barro, Hilde, and I jumped in the van for a quick little overnight trip to the shores of Lake Superior. Getting to spend even one night on the shores of a big body… Read More

BMX Video Monday