Month: September 2015

BMX Video Monday

Start your week off with some amazingness.

Off to Interbike

Sorry folks, I’m bound for that great big industry get down, so our coverage of the recent Bike Jerks odyssey out in Colorado and Moab will have to wait till next week. If you’re out at the show… Read More

Western Odyssey: Fruita

photo by Gordon Time to start coverage of last week’s crazy trip out to Fruita / Moab before the NACCC’s in Denver. After a marathon drive spanning 24 hours, I picked up Josh of Avery County Cycles in… Read More

BMX Video Monday

How about some fast plants? Okay, good…

Minneapolis Crew

Saw this photo on the Cyclehawk blog labeled “Minneapolis Crew” from a race in ’97. I spot Squid and from reading the post the woman is Amber, but don’t know any of the others. Little help?

Cross Vegas Afterparty!

2 Limited Edition GOLD LEAF Hammerbone Caps

Are up for grabs. Only five were made, three are gone, two for sale via the internet $28. Swoop in the shop now!

Remember when Campagnolo…

was into mountain bikes?

Sweet Jumps!

Ben, you will never be forgotten.

Don’t Miss Out, Kit Sales End Tomorrow

Make sure you get yours before they fly away. Swoop Here!