Month: November 2015

MN State CX Single Speed Duel

At State’s last weekend one of the most compelling races of the entire year took place as Foundry’s Marcus Bush and All-City X Fulton’s Charlie Simacek battled it out lockstep lap after lap for the crown.

BMX Video Monday


never gets old

Bike Jerks Winter Survival Guide: Keeping Your Hands Warm

That’s right suckas, Winter is just about ready to bury us all in the deep freeze and if you plan on riding, and you better be planning on riding, you’re going to need the right gear. Now I… Read More

New All-City Caps

Over at the ‘Ol All-City there’s some new headgear.



BMX Video Monday

How about a few clips from some local trails. Okay then! MGM RAW 2 from Shudder House on Vimeo.

Winter Is Coming…

Our homie Andrey in Russia knows what’s up Make sure you’re prepared with the Kings of Winter shirt! Swoop here

TRP RG957 Mid Reach Brakes Reviewed

Prior to building up my new Mr. Pink this Spring I hit up the fine folks at TRP to procure a set of their brand new Mid Reach brake offering. Here are some stats on the RG957 Price:… Read More

Trevor Hughes: Bike Messengers: Continued

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything from one of the best collections of photographs I have ever seen: Trevor Hughes: The Bike Messengers (1992-1998). Tuck in.