Month: December 2015

Chelsea’s Trek 930

This beauty came into the world as a lovely frame draped in some hideous parts, a neglected 1993 Trek 930 SHX complete with terrible Alivio components and a basically non functional suspension fork. The saving grace, besides the… Read More

BMX Video Monday

never gets old


Winter Pro Tips

In the cold temps keeping yourself hydrated becomes a challenge. Here are a couple of tips to help keep your bottle flowing: 1. Turn it upside down Water freezes where it meets air, by flipping the bottle upside… Read More

Search and State

It’s important to support your friend’s projects, and Devin from Search & State is a local boy making very good (even though S & S claims New York, not the ol’ MPLS. I guess New York is sexier,… Read More

Throw Back Thursday

1998 Wors Race, I think in Wausau Wisconsin at Nine Mile Creek. That’s my prize Schwinn Homegrown Factory, which I still own and ride.

The World’s Toughest Track Bike Race

“Cielos Infernales” was being billed as the world’s toughest track bike race. The first of it’s kind- long, brutal, fast with miles of climbing into the clouds- on one gear in live traffic. 75 miles and 3 mountain… Read More

1993 CMWC

In continuing the cavalcade of old messenger videos, dig this. In August of 1993 the first World Bicycle Messenger Championship was held in Berlin, Germany. Riders from all around the world participated, including a motley team of Canadian… Read More

Proof of Delivery

Want to watch a 30 minute documentary on bike messengers in San Francisco in 1987? Of course you do.

Pat Smage for Fatback

While I’m typically loathe to post Fat Bike videos, lest I participate in the building up of “fat bike culture” which basically can be boiled down to a bunch of middle age, out of shape, suburbanites riding slow… Read More