Month: January 2016


Paris Bandit Cross

The disease is spreading…. PARIS CHILL RACING – URBAN WINTER SUPER CROSS #2 – MONTREUIL from Kilom├Ętre 75 on Vimeo. hope to race one of these someday!

MOMBAT’s Trek Y-Five O

I am super stoked to present these photos of the Trek Y-Five O owned by MOMBAT, the Museum of Mountain Bike Art and Technology. I had originally picked it up off the Twin Cities Bicycle Trading Post from… Read More


tuck in

Winter Footwear Discussed

The other day a reader emailed me asking about winter foot wear. As always while I’m uncomfortable telling anyone what might work for them, l’m happy to share what has worked well for me. I’ve been riding through… Read More

Winter is for….

nightrides. When the sun sets at 4:30 you either embrace the darkness, or tuck your tail and head indoors for the trainer. Of course you know that we at Bike Jerks do not condone trainer usage of any… Read More

BMX Video Monday

A Prince Story…

Friday Funday

New favorite thing. Thanks internet!