Month: February 2016

All-City Log Lady is Here!

Hey gang, full information on the Log Lady is out now on All-City’s website, and while I’m obviously biased, I’d like you to know that this thing is a Midwest single track monster. Here’s the setup I’ve been… Read More


Winter Essentials

and it don’t snow in Minneapolis… In the Wintertime

My Croll Roadbike

Pretty stoked to get this one back on the road. This is my made in Minneapolis Croll road bike made from Reynolds 853 tubing and welded by Erik Noren of Peacock Groove while he worked there. I acquired… Read More

Log Lady

So stoked on how this homage to the Twin Peaks opening sequence turned out. Hope you like it. Introducing the Log Lady from All-City Cycles on Vimeo.

Still Life

This stunning example of Curt Goodrich’s work hangs at Angry Catfish in South Minneapolis.

BMX Video Monday

OLP 13 from Lee Hopkins on Vimeo.



My Salsa Beargrease

After many modifications, here is my updated Salsa Beargrease. After turning in my old black one due to some unfortunate circumstances, Salsa came at me with this new pink/orange jammer. The only issue was that it’s a size… Read More

Dose of Awesome