Month: May 2017

Log Lady Video Time

In honor of the new season…

From The Weekend…

Afton, farmhouse

BMX Video Monday

Dose of Awesome

Hey there fine consumer of rad shit. Why don’t you cool your heels a bit and check out a few spectacular images from the famous Del Mar Skate Ranch. Don’t you feel more at peace with the world?… Read More


One of my favorite head badges of all-time

BMX Video Monday

Tom Sanders – Back To Civilisation from Marv on Vimeo.

Crucial Jams

Skate Video Wednesday

It’s been way too long…

Summer is Track Bike Season

Don’t even get a shit that it’s barely even Spring. Summer is track bike season and this is my favorite bike in the world.

1978 DeRosa Professional Special Edition

So stoked to bring you what may very well be the sweetest bicycle ever featured on this here little blog, or at least the most beautiful in recent memory. It is elegance personified and while purists may cry… Read More