Month: June 2017

We Went To Taiwan and Started a Bike Company…

Real good watch

Dose of Awesome

1984 Fisher MountainBikes Mt. Tam

I just finished Charlie Kelly’s excellent book on the founding years of mountain biking, and was jonesing to experience one of the early generation of purpose built frame sets when my buddy Jeff discovered this little gem on… Read More

Peacock Groove PG-40

I cleaned my bike, which I almost never do because I am a butthole, and even polished the stainless. So I took some pictures of this lovely machine to celebrate.

BMX Video Monday

Tiny Hat Society – Free Patches from All-City

Super stoked on this one! from the AC Blog We’d like to introduce you to our All-City owners group: The Tiny Hat Society. We wanted to make an official arm of A.C. dedicated to celebrating the riders who… Read More


spotted locked up at the Uptown Crit, love the internal routing and the shaped tube set. Well loved.

Nature Valley Grand Prix – Uptown Crit

The pros are back in town for the week!  

Dose of Awesome

Steve Potts Titanium Dirt Drop 29’er

This beauty belongs to my buddy Ben Witt, brand manager of Whisky Parts Co, and is one of a handful of real stunners that he calls his own. The dude’s got great taste, as this build really shows…. Read More