Month: November 2017

Honk by Helms

Cartoon by Johnny Helms from the November 26, 1972 Cycling via

Introducing Holy Mountain

As folks have been asking, I’ve added the first of the Holy Mountain USA products to the Bike Jerks webstore for Holiday purchase, until the full launch of my new side project happens (hopefully in January). I’ve long… Read More

BMX Video Monday

Well worth your time, legends of the sport…

It’s that Time of Year Again: Kings of Winter

It’s that time of year again, you go to work in the dark, leave work in the dark, and it’s getting damn cold. Only the strong continue to ride. Only the strong survive. No rest, no relent, no… Read More

Winter Project: 1983 Stumpjumper

I have an absolute shit-load of winter projects this year: body work and painting my van, modifying and painting my Harley, doing the entry way of my house, and of course I’ve got some bike stuff kicking around…. Read More

BMX Video Monday

Let’s get Arty!

Marin Headlands

photo by Eric Owens

Gordy’s Firefly 27.5+

I have to admit, Firefly’s brand had little appeal to me. The logos, the anodization, the name… I found it all to be a bit soft for my personal tastes. I was sure their bikes were nice enough,… Read More

All-City For the Women’s Bicycle Messenger Association

Stoked on this collaboration cap between the Women’s Bicycle Messenger Association and All-City WBMA Mission Statement The WBMA exists to develop and support a network of women/trans/femme folks within local and international bike messenger communities. Our mission is… Read More

Homie Fall Fest in Fotos

The annual single speed blood letting, The Homie Fall Fest…Not much needs to be said. If you have been there in the past then you know how it goes down, if you were there this year then you… Read More