Month: February 2018


The Cheetah, Nelson Vailes

We are Cave People Now

Swap Meet Scores

Last weekend was the annual Twin Cities Bike Swap. Here are a few of my scores. Coupled 55cm 1993 Bridgestone X0-1. Frame coupled by Chris Kvale Arguably the best steel mtb Trek ever made. Made in Wisconsin, this… Read More

BMX Video Monday

Schwinn Homegrown Factory Sweet Spot

Peep this kook mobile I picked up at the Swap Meet, a Schwinn Homegrown Factory (that means built at Yeti factory) Sweet Spot dualie. For those that didn’t live through this terrible era of good intentions but terrible… Read More

I Need a Pair of These In My Life…

starting the search for a pair of Nike Poobah’s in size 9 right now so I can be cool like my bud Fred.

Bike Riders Make Better Lovers!

new jams from AC celebrating a basic fact of life.

Kranked 2

Drop Bar Ripping from the 1990 Worlds


Stupor Bowl 21

This year’s running of the Stupor Bowl promised weirdness with 1700 extra law enforcement agents in town due to the Super Bowl, but mercifully it was pretty much business as usual minus the exceptional conditions. For only the… Read More