Month: May 2018

Al’s Drop Bar Trek 950

The chosen transport for our cosmic soul brother the Savior Al Morris. Loaded up and ready to go all night. Yes, these are those insane 66.6cm bars danglin’

Bandit Cross June 23rd Sibley To Low Road

Free to All and open to all bikers and bikes. Enjoy the great sport of cyclocross in a fun positive environment. No bad attitudes. Group ride from Angry Catfish to start of Low Road. We’ll rip the Low… Read More

Red Hook Trip

stay long enough for the visuals to kick in.


From our March excursion

Ritchey Prototype Bi-Plane Fork Crown

Behold, perhaps the coolest thing that has crossed my path since I inadvertently started collecting vintage bicycle stuff. One of the rarest for certain. What you’re feasting your hungry eyes upon is one of the few examples of… Read More

1986 Guinness World Record: Down the Stelvio with No Hands or Brakes

Path Less Pedaled Reviews the Gorilla Monsoon

That’s How You Freestyle on a Fixed Gear

Huffy Aerowind

Dose of Awesome