Bridgestone X0-1: Gene’s 1993 Chequamegon Winner


After years of staring at it up in the rafters of One on One, the opportunity to finally document Gene’s XO-1 finally arrived this past Saturday, the last day that the shop was open at the iconic downtown location.

Now, any XO-1 is a super rad beast, much less a cantilever one in the preferred orange color. But this bike, this bike is super special, because I reckon it’s just about the wildest setup that anyone has won a major mountain bike event on. It’s got skinnyish tires, mustache bars, and of course a Softride stem. It’s bonkers.

If we go back to 1993, Chequamegon is one of the largest mtb events in the country with registration capped at 2500 riders. Greg Lemond won in 1990 and 1991, and the ranks were thick with pros. Our own Gene Oberpriller had been knocking on the door for years, peep this photo of the front group at an earlier edition of the race…

that’s Gene with an epic race face as he eyeballs Lemond

1993 turned out to be his year and he did it on the bike you see below of all things. Now Chequamegon isn’t a single track affair, it’s a gnarly double track so the usage of irregular equipment makes some sense. But still. Riding mustache bars and a Softride is pretty crazy. Although a Softride did come stock on that years MB-1 so a Bridgestone rider on a suspension stem is a somewhat logical move.

As I understand it, the bike you see below is more or less the exact setup that Gene rode to victory that day. Let’s get into the parts I can identify.


1993  Bridgeston XO-1
Bars: Nitto Moustache
Stem: Softride
Shifters: Shimano Bar Con
Brakes: Diamcompe 986
Front Derailleur: Suntour
Rear Derailleur: Suntour
Front Hub: Campagnolo Record, Mavic QR
Rims: Sun






these old CRC stickers are the absolute coolest, Hurl bring ’em back




not sure if he had the pump on board for the race, my guess is no



Campagnolo front hub

And here’s our man on the podium, one of my favorite photos of all time. Just beautiful!1236122_10151856230733874_1843726700_n

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