All City Championship Prizes Are Rolling In

Holy shit folks the prizes this year are already blowing my mind and we’ve yet to begin receiving any of the custom 10th year anniversary goods that are heading this way.

First up: Phil Wood stepped up HUGE!
Yeah, that’s three sets of Phil Wood hubs, worth several thousand dollars.

There are two sets of track hubs which will be going to the men’s and women’s winners of the Friday track crit.

And those puppies on the end? Those are the new 11 speed cross disc hubs.
Simply gorgeous.

Not sure who’ll get these, but whoever it ends up being will be one lucky so and so.

And speaking of 11 speed hubs, how about a pair of my favorite lightweight hubs in the world laced into a set of A23’s from our homies at Velocity. I’d like to mention that Velocity is one of the ACC’s original sponsors and is one of three to support every single year of the race.

And on the softgoods side, SWRVE send over a sweet package of Cordura jeans, handmade musette bags, and some key jammers.

More to come. Stay tuned.