All-City For the Women’s Bicycle Messenger Association



Stoked on this collaboration cap between the Women’s Bicycle Messenger Association and All-City

WBMA Mission Statement
The WBMA exists to develop and support a network of women/trans/femme folks within local and international bike messenger communities. Our mission is to increase the visibility of women, trans and femme couriers and unify them around the world.

Equality: Through actively showcasing women/trans/femme identified people employed in the industry and participating in events, we can positively build and support progress in cultural norms. We support a move towards equal hiring processes, equal prizes at events, and the creation of standards for organizing races which include and celebrate non-cis-male participants.

Empowerment: Through WBMA sponsored prizes, incentives and events, we can encourage more WTF folks to be couriers and to compete in races, both locally and internationally. We will build a space where women who are already active working and racing are able to encourage new messengers to race and to organize.

Networks: Often times there are only a few women working as messengers within a city, which can sometimes be alienating or discouraging. Finding like-minded folks who have had similar experiences is powerful and really fun. We are building a forum, both online and in-person at events, where these experiences can be discussed and shared.

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