All-City Thunderdome Prebook

If you’re dying to get your hands on the new All-City aluminum track racer, the prebook’s just went live. 


While we are deeply in love with steel, we recognize that in certain instances other materials can be super appropriate.  One such scenario is on the velodrome, where things like resiliency and vibration damping take a backseat to concerns over stiffness and weight.  Of course you can race your Big Block at the track, but at a competitive level few choose steel. 

Enter the Thunderdome. 

We’ve taken our tried and true Big Block geometry and adapted it to a shorter axle to crown carbon fork and alloy frameset.  Because we love the lines of the old Cannondale track bikes, we went with traditional round tubing, a standard 1 1/8″ headset, and to give it that AC touch, polished panels on the downtube and seatstay. 

It is stiff, fast, and ready to race.

Head to your local shop and have them reserve one for you, MSRP is $650
photo by Daniel