Cycling Senior Photo Project


Ah, the Senior Photo.The right of passage during the Summer after your Junior year, your chance to express who you really are during your high school days, make your grandmother proud, and have something to trade with all the folks in your grade whom you will never speak to again ever after graduation.

For many in Rhinelander it was the opportunity to be photographed with their prized ATV, or while wearing their best Arctic Cat jacket or Dale Earnhardt regalia. For me, it was time to slip into some lycra and immortalize my beloved Trek 8700 and way cool Giro helmet with the barbed wire.

Recently during a visit to my parents, my mother foisted the below upon me. After posting it to Facebook, the image at the top appeared of 45NRTH Brand Manger, Dave Gabrys to steal my thunder. Yes Dave, you win.

Soon after the bottom photo from Tyler made it’s way to my inbox, and now I’m on a mission. I want to see them all. So if you have a Senior Photo which features your bike, kit, whatever. Please email them my way to jeff at bike jerks and post them to Instagram under the hashtag #cyclingseniorphoto

The world thanks you!

A bit about the bike, this was my first real race mtb, I bought it with money earned by working at the local KFC and grocery store. It is a 19.5″ (too big) 1995 Trek 8700 with a mix of LX and XT components. The Manitou Mach 5 fork was purchased separately (it came rigid) for the princely sum of $370. Of note: Dean seat post, SDG Ventura Comp Ti Saddle, blue Avid Speed Dial levers, Onza bar ends, Speedplay Frog pedals, Salsa stem.