Homey Fall Fest Photos

Well well, another Homey Fall Fest has come and gone with the usual amount of organization and hijinks.

We spent what ended up being a gorgeous fall day messing around down at Hidden Falls and finished it up with a nice little fire along the banks of the Mississippi.

Photos. Boom.
the esteemed Mr. Kinevil was in the house

IMG_2074IMG_2079Pints Guzzled and Thor

Some dudes rode down this really big hill

Hurl’s getup was thorough

ready to get all meta? ┬áHere’s Stevil taking a photo…

of me taking a photo
now I’m taking a photo of him taking a photo, crazy right?

Bobby rode all kinds of shit on a vintage Evingson, and brought a giant muffin that impressed pretty much everybody

Dam Spiller off the root jump

these guys


and here’s a final parting shot, taken by Stevil Hoss, which may be the best fire shot I’ve ever seen.photo5

As always, wish you were there.

Check the whole set here

  • Emily

    Oh no my good friend, that fire picture was taken by our favorite NE resident, Hoss.

  • d12

    That fire pic is the raddest bike pic evAr.

  • I want to come fpr HFF, they keep scheduling Philly Bike Expo the same weekend. I will prevail…