Introducing Holy Mountain

As folks have been asking, I’ve added the first of the Holy Mountain USA products to the Bike Jerks webstore for Holiday purchase, until the full launch of my new side project happens (hopefully in January).

I’ve long wanted a creative outlet that would allow me to work with my friends to create the best possible versions of daily use essentials. Holy Mountain is that dream fulfilled.

I am starting with an American Bison Leather Belt, denim work apron, and a waxed canvas lunch sack. Currently we have the belt in Stock (31-33/34 Levi’s waist size) and Custom Sizes, patch, and sticker ready for purchase.

I hope the Bike Jerks family will be as stoked on this work as I am.

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American Bison Leather Belt

The last belt you will ever need…

This is one that you’ll hand down through the generations. American Bison Leather is superior to cow hide as it is both stronger and more supple. These 4.5mm thick bison belts are substantial and built to last a lifetime.

We advocate for having the best possible versions of items that you use everyday. We believe these belts represent the apex of touch, comfort, aesthetics, and durability.

Branding is minimal, limited to the Holy Mountain moniker on the inside.

Buckles are easily swapped or replaced. Comes with antique silver hardware.

Stock sizing fits 31-34 Levi’s jean waist size. Belts will typically stretch 1-1.5″ during break in.

Custom Sizes are available.

Hand crafted by a master, in a one person shop in Middle America.

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Holy Mountain Script Patch

The Holy Mountain Script Logo on cream background in Red-Cream-Blue Stitching. Blue Merrow Border.

Patch measures 3″ x 2″

The highest quality.
Supplier: Family business in Falls Creek, Pennsylvania.

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3 Inch Round Sticker

The Holy Mountain Goat Logo on 3″ round sticker. Highest Quality.

Printed in Southern Minnesota.

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