Introducing the Holy Mountain Denim Work Apron

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The second wave of products for my new brand Holy Mountain were just put up in the Bike Jerks webshop.

This is my attempt to create the opportunity to work with my friends to make the best versions of things you often use. It’s a creative outlet and a long held dream that I’m incredibly happy to start seeing become a reality. No standalone website yet, but it’ll come.
If nothing else, creating world class products and seeing them land in your friends hands stokes me out enough to declare this a success.

One of the standouts of this batch, is the Denim Work Apron. The follow up to last year’s Holy Mountain Work Apron in black. The major difference, beside the material, is an addition of 3″ of length to the bottom of the apron.

Denim Work Apron
Made in the USA of American Made Cone denim and industrial thread, built to last a lifetime.
Putting to use our years of experience in jobs requiring easy access to tools, we’ve designed the workshop apron of our dreams.

It has three main waist pockets, an upper pocket for small parts and tools with a pen slot, and durable shoulder and waist straps. Rear waist strap sports a speed buckle and the upper harness has a brown leather centerpiece.

Handmade in Baltimore USA
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