Levi’s Trucker Jacket Review

I’ve been meaning to write a review of the Levis Commuter Trucker Jacket since June when I first received it, but up until September I wasn’t really using it.  As you know I have all kinds of ridiculous insecurities about wearing casual bike clothing, as I’ve often mentioned, and right away Joshy started in on me. I did however bring it on our annual Vilas Co. trip, as I was very excited to now own the proper garment for getting shit bombed around a campfire and sleeping in the dirt. Past that though, didn’t really touch it all Summer. It was hot, and you know, I felt corny.

Come Fall though, ol’ Souphorse the jean jacket fairy came to town for the local launch of the line, sprinkled his magic here and there and suddenly we were the fucking Jets. Denim Demons everywhere. A Legion of Goons.

The best thing I can say about this jacket is that every time I put it on I get the notion that I wouldn’t mind a frenzy, a scramble, a tussle. 10 foot tall and badd as the day is long.  The shoulders are cut perfectly for riding with extra long sleeves, and the pockets are super usable, especially the side ones.

everyone should own a jean jacket
riding cut
tough feelings

material is thin, jacket is really more of a shell
josh might make fun of you
not as metal as a regular jean jacket

I’m way into it, and can’t wait to wear holes in the elbows, never wash it, and live my Outsiders fantasies.

IMG_3070-1photo by Stevil

P.S. want to start a gang with me called the Legion of Goons?

  • I’m down for your goon squad. miss you buddy.

  • jeremy

    dude, totally down to start a Goons gang. do i just need a jean jacket? if so its done, son.

  • Pat

    I’m in. Who’s our denim deity?

  • Ned

    Dude, it’s a jean jacket. I’ve got three of them in my closet that are well worn. Grunge was late to the party. Yer late to the party too. It’s a jean jacket dude.

  • Ned

    Ok, just caught that part – “not as metal as a regular jean jacket” Then whats the point of it? That’s like inviting people for vegan bacon. Whats the point of it?

  • Whats the best way to wear in a jean jacket other than bar fights and jumping cars on my bike?