Mongoose Beast Video

Ever since word of the $199 fatbike from Walmart broke last week, folks all over the internet (or at least my Facebook) have been tripping all over each other in a rush to poke fun at it.

In spite of all the pledges to “buy one for science” no one I know has yet laid eyes or hands upon one in the flesh.  It appears that at least someone out there has.

  • Dan
  • kbollox

    My red-beast will be delivered to OOBS on Monday, I think Gene-O is gonna pick up a few to go with the Side-Hacks.

  • Tom R.

    I think we’ll see more shortly. Word spread late last week ( I think… I read something fri afternoon) and the bike is only available online so it takes a few days to get em shipped.

  • L

    Justin Schuetz will have one in the wild tonight during the full moon ride!

  • Jim Hannoonen

    What’s also kinda cool about this bike is that for $19 you can buy a 3 year warranty from WalMart that basically coveres everything but the tires.
    So, if I decide to keep the one I ordered (my red one will be here Monday) I’ll probably buy it since they give you 30 days from the date of purchase to add it. 🙂