Off to the U.P.

I just got back from Vegas and today it’s off once more with the dudes for a weekend of mountain biking and boozing in Copper Harbor Michigan.  That’s way up there in the Northern most part of the Upper Peninsula and about an 8 hour drive from the cities.

Don’t worry though as I’ve left a few posts to keep you entertained and B.Ridge has Friday Funday coming your way.

I should be back at the controls Tuesday with stories and photos to share.  In the meantime check out this video and get jealous.

the music in the video is terrible, so hit play on this before watching

  • Agleck7

    So sick. I rode CH for the first time this summer and it’s the funnest riding I’ve ever done that didn’t involve a lift out west. Even if you’ve been before, there’s a bunch of new stuff that is so fun. Enjoy!

    • I found msyelf nodding my noggin all the way through.

  • thebimbocoles

    Going to Eagle Harbor, MI in two weeks so if you find good places in that area to get beer or spot swamp angels, let a player know.

  • some of the best mountain biking in the midwest, if not the entire US. Make sure to take an afternoon to visit the Michigan Tech trails in Houghton. Have fun nailing Red Trail and make it up for Fat Tire fest next Labor Day weekend.