Kelly MacWilliams Shoots the Dog Park Bandit Cross

by Jeff on October 9, 2014

Never got around to putting these on the blog as they were reserved for an Urban Velo article written by Stevil.¬†That articles has now been published and with the race coming up this weekend, seems like the time is right to take a look at Kelly’s awesome photography of the 2012 race at the Dog Park.


Dose of Awesome

by Jeff on October 8, 2014

File under folks I would totally party with.

Field Report: Baker Orchard CX

by Jeff on October 7, 2014


It was a muddy nasty day with snow still on the ground for my 10 o’clock race. The course got cleaner and faster as the day went on the sun periodically made appearances.


Homie Fall Fest 2014

by Jeff on October 6, 2014


With Track or Treat the night before, you all best get your butts up to MPLS for Halloween Weekend!

Bandit Cross This Saturday!

by Jeff on October 6, 2014

Because no one seems to know what’s going on with the one lap races at Wirth on Saturday, and because people have been crying out for another edition of Bandit Cross, get ready to once more race the greatest cyclocross circuit known in the universe: The Minnehaha Course.

Saturday October 11th
Meet at Sea Salt at 4pm

I’m going out scouting tonight, so I’ll let you know how much help I’ll need, but there will most defnitely be a call for volunteers to help rake and setup the course.¬† I’ll be in touch.

Here is the Facebook page for the event.

Bring beers, warm clothes, a change of socks, and a good attitude.


It’s completely different than track cycling

by Jeff on October 6, 2014

bravo Wiggo.

BMX Video Monday

by Jeff on October 6, 2014

Jared Chilko from Pierre Blondel on Vimeo.

Out There.

by Jeff on October 3, 2014

Check out All-City’s latest video in conjunction with the homies at Golden Saddle Cyclery.

Out There from All-City Cycles on Vimeo.

Great job Brendan!

Human Powered Rollercoaster

by Jeff on October 3, 2014

Once more I was digging through Trevor Hughes’ amazing photos from his time as a Toronto Bike messenger, and I came across some photos of the Human Powered Rollercoaster.

So rad. It’s hard to believe that this thing ever existed. I can’t imagine being organized and motivated enough to pull such a thing off.

If you’re not familiar the HPR, watch this video then peep Trevor’s stunning photography.


Sarah crashes
I am actually lucky enough to have one of those banners at my desk at work, a gift from my buddy Tim Gellerman. If I’m getting the story correct, several MPLS messengers traveled up there to ride it.




Brenda and Sean

Kevin X



The Cross Tubeless Experiment

by Jeff on October 1, 2014

my Macho King with Clement MXP’s and tubes

I’ve been kicking around the idea of going cross tubeless since this Spring when I converted my Mr. Pink to tubeless on road tires. This was one of the best things I’ve done in some time. Seven times during long road rides I punctured and only had to stop and rotate the hole to the bottom of the tire and let the fluid do its thing. Typically this resulted in a loss of only 10-15psi, after which I did not bother to further pump up the tire. It was / is awesome, and hugely comforting on long road rides through sparsely populated country.

The motivations for cross are slightly different: I was hoping for both a weight savings, and since I can’t afford a set of high end tubular race wheels, the ability to run lower pressure while simultaneously avoiding pinch flats.

My wheels were good to go as the wheels I ride are built on Stan’s Iron Cross rims which were chosen due to their light weight. Since folks seem to be interested in how that rim functions: I have them built up 28 hole 2 cross, and weigh between 175-180lbs. I have been thrashing them since early Spring and am happy to report that I’ve yet to true them or have any issues. Like all of Stan’s rims, these are tubeless ready.

I had planned on using the Clement MXP’s that I already owned for the experiment, but was cautioned away from it by a teammate who had some burping issues with the Clement PDX and Stan’s 340 rim. While I love the volume and tread of the MXP, the bead does seem sort of loose on the Iron Cross rim, and scared me off.

Enter a set of IRC Serac CX’s. These are tubeless ready and needed a product tester.

So did I save any weight by losing the tubes?

Here is the weight with the Clement’s and tubes

Something to note here is that the IRC tires are heavier than the MXP’s as most (if not all) tubeless ready tires are heavier than a comparable non-tubeless option.

Above is the kit that I needed to make the switch. Since my rims already used Stan’s rim tape, I needed some tubeless valves (I chose the WTB’s because they are alloy and come in anodized black in addition to many other colors), an applicator, fluid, and the tubeless tires.

Obviously you lose the weight of the tubes, but you gain the weight of the fluid (about 6oz) and the extra weight of the tire.

After setting them up I put the bike back on the scale. .9 of a lb heavier or about 40 grams.

It’s clear that if I had stuck with the Clement’s I would have come up with a slight weight savings or broken even. The unknown here is that the fluid inside the tires dries. A few weeks from now, I can’t help but wonder if as the fluid dries and loses liquid if that .9 of a lb will be recovered.

As to the ride, I’ve got a race this weekend and will let you know. My teammie (who weighs at least 20lbs less than me) says he can ride his down to 19psi without the tire burping. Don’t think I’ll go that low, but we’ll see. I’m thinking 25psi would be a good place to start.

I’ll let you know how it goes.