ACC 10 Alleycat Wrap up


The 10th Annual All City Championships have come and gone. This year will be remembered for the large out of town presence and the hot and humid weather.

126 registrants lined up to tackle the streets of Minneapolis for the alley cat, it was a studded field filled with tons of veterans and a low rookie factor. All the fastest folks came out from Minneapolis, and the cities of Chicago, Milwaukee, Portland, S.F., Los Angeles, Richmond, Washington D.C., New York, and Boston delivered their finest and quickest.

Thank you to the racers, the sponsors, the volunteers, and everyone who makes this event possible. 10 years is a pretty big accomplishment. Bike Jerks forever!

Here are a few photos from the day.




double stem setup







mens winner, Ben Hovland








Can’t wait to see you all soon.

See the whole set here



BMX Video Monday

ACC Track Crit Photos


Summer is…




ACC Bandit Cross Photos


As always, the good vibes of Bandit Cross were a highlight of the ACC weekend. I have no idea how many folks actually raced, but I think it was around 50 or so, and I’m not really sure who won. Probably Sam, and I hear Stu got third. Which is all par for the course. Who the fuck cares about that shit? Everybody had fun, bikes were ridden, beers smashed, and the 10th annual ACC got started off on the right foot.

here are some favorite photos

See the whole set here


Road Trophy


This Spring while out on a century I came across this deer skeleton in a ditch on the side of the road. The grass it died in (I’m assuming from a collision with an automobile) had just been part of a controlled burn leaving the skeleton perfectly clean, exposed, and particularly metal.

The logical course of action was to snatch the skull, strap it to my saddle bag, and attempt to take it home. It made it about 60 miles and then the fire-weakened eye socket gave way after a nasty bit of asphalt and I lost it about 10 miles from home base. Easy come – easy go.

Tour De France on Hold

One of the best things all last year. Couldn’t wait to repost it this year.

ACC Alleycat Results and Bjorn’s Race Photos

Up Top
While I’m still unburying myself after a long three day event, Bjorn’s on his A-game having already posted a killer photo set from Saturday’s alley cat. Take a peek at what he captured (the above photo is pure gold) and scroll to the bottom to catch the top 26 results.

We had right around 120 registrants for the weekend, and despite the slightly down numbers, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a stacked field. While I expected the race to be shorter than previous editions distance0wise (as I always do) it actually ended up being around 35 miles, with the winner covering it in right around two hours five or so.

1 Ben Hovland
2 Jon Ziemer
3 Max
Out of Town – Sean Campbell
Fixed – Max

1 Jana Velo
2 Beth Franklin
3 Chelsea Strate
Out of Town – Heather Mueller
Fixed – Nikki Munvez

Anne & JeffMap
Jon Z LeadsStephenDown The Steps

Top 26
1 Ben Hovland
2 Jon Ziemer
3 Max S
4 Martin
5 Rueben Lange
6 David Smith
7 Jana Velo
8 Ben Lagerquist
9 Stephen Regenold
10 Jeff O’Neill
11 Young Christian
12 Sean Campbell
13 Keith Hathaway
14 Beth Franklin
15 Sam Morgan
16 Robert Bigelow
17 SK
18 Chelsea
19 Bryan Daugherty
20 Devin B
21 Peter Akimoto
22 Jared
23 Morgan
24 Max D
25 Kat McCarthy
26 Nikki Munvez

And here is some video from the awards

And you can check the full photo set here



BMX Video Monday

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