Bike Jerks Bike Club 10th Anniversary Kits (sticky)


It’s been a long time coming, the first Bike Jerks kit in several years. For the second ever BJBC stretchy riding ensemble, Saisha and I pursued a timeless design that would evoke both the classic club kits of the past and the Bike Jerks aesthetic.

The jerseys are available in white or black to provide the opportunity to tailor to climate and usage. If hot road rides are the order of the day, dip into a fresh heat reflecting white number. If you’re going off-road and getting dirty, you’ll of course want to reach for the black one. Choose both or pick your favorite.

For the bottom half we decided to ensure that the new bibs would look better for longer by eschewing a side panel design in order to use dyed black rather than sublimated black fabric. This not only will stop your shorts from “fuzzing” out over the years, but the primarily black design with subtle white accents will allow these shorts to look awesome with any jersey you choose to wear it with. Trust us, once you try them out, you’ll wish all your bibs were this high quality.

Perhaps the most exciting part of all though is the ability to offer kits in both men’s and women’s cuts and in a full size range of XS-XXXL.

BJBC 10th Anniversary Jersey – $100




Available in Black and White





Available in both men’s and women’s sizes XS-XXXL

BJBC 10th Anniversary Bibs – $120




Bibs available in men’s and women’s XS-XXXL

Our partners in this project are Twin Cities locals, Podiumwear. While we considered going with other kit makers, the quality of their fabrics, stitching, and chamois won us over. Add in the fact that the kits are sewn just across the river in St. Paul and it was a no brainer. If you can, always go local, especially easy to do when the locals are some of the best in the business. The kits utilize our favorite cut and fabrics, paired with a spectacular, made in Italy, chamois.

In order to speed up the process, you’ll be ordering direct from Podiumwear rather than the Bike Jerks store. Instead of shipping them to me, and then me out to you, we’ve cut the middle man. Production is slated to take four weeks, with the order closing on Sept 9th. Believe me, I’ve been nothing but impressed with the quality, fabrics, and stitching. World class kits from less than 10 miles away from Bike Jerks HQ. Plus by using the pre-book method we are able to offer both men’s and women’s jerseys and bibs in a complete size range.

Kits are available both domestically and international. Shipping and processing is $10 to the U.S. and $25 everywhere else.

Swoop Here

If you’re using the sizing chart on Podiumwear’s website, it’s the Gold / Silver level

As always, thank you to everyone who made this possible. Our designer Saisha, photographer Marty Wood, the fine folks at Podium Wear and of course you, the readers. Without you none of this would be possible. We are so grateful to have you dig what we’re doing and are beyond stoked to have you represent the set in your hometown.

Gene’s Salsa La Cruz


This bike belongs to none other than Minneapolis’ favorite son, Gene Oberpriller of One on One Bike Studio and former professional racer for Bridgestone, Bianchi, and Salsa Cycles.

I’ve been long wanting to get a lens on this beauty and on Saturday I finally had the chance.

This appears to be a Petaluma California vintage Salsa La Cruz. Tig welded, Reynolds 853 tubing, with classic Salsa branding and Pepperman in full effect. You just plain don’t see a ton of cross bikes around that are more than 15 years old, so it’s always a treat.


This beauty appears to be largely intact as it was in its heyday with a period Ultegra group set, Salsa stem, Salsa Shaft post (in polished), and 26.0 Salsa Cowbell bars. I’m guessing the TRP brakes, and Zipp 404 wheels were significantly later additions.

With the subtle down tube graphic and killer blue paint job it’s a real looker, plus it hits all the other notes we like to see in a classic bike: the bar tape is peeling, it’s scuffed up, it’s dirty, and most importantly it’s still being ridden.











Not related to this post really, but one of my favorite victory photos of all time is this shot of Gene after winning the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival. Dig it.

BJBC 10th Anniversary Kits Drop Tomorrow!!!


So excited to finally make these available to you. We will be offering them in both men’s and women’s cut bibs and jerseys, the jerseys in two color options, and in a huge range of sizes.

Look for the link for the pre-order and full information tomorrow!

BMX Video Monday

start your week off with some tech…

Race Face

TOUR de FRANCE Bordeaux Velodrome


Trevor Hughes: Bike Messengers: Continued

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything from one of the best collections of photographs I have ever seen: Trevor Hughes: The Bike Messengers (1992-1998).

Tuck in.

Stuart and Jane


Happy Friday at Bread Spreads


Bike Messengers

Bike Messengers

Bill and Tim

Red Nick and Mikus



Lars - CMWC 1995 Men's Champion

Countdown to New Kits: A Visit to Podium Wear


For the second ever Bike Jerks kit, I decided to keep it fully local and partner with the Twin Cities own, Podiumwear. With their reputation and quality both top notch and their stitching and printing facilities located just over the river in St. Paul, it was a no-brainer. They were even kind enough to let me swing by and witness the beginnings of my samples.

While the harsh fluorescent lighting did nothing for my photos, the place was full of familiar faces and folks who are clearly very into cycling, and very into producing some of the nicest riding apparel on the planet.

Through the entrance to the office: the little guy on the left was picking up scraps from the cutting table floor and making himself a neat little pile. He’s the son of my main contact over there, Kyia, who has been nothing short of spectacular to work with through this process. Even if their stuff wasn’t the business, which it is, I’d still want to support them after the way I’ve been treated.

The kit design on the screen of one of their designers. Bike Jerks Art Director, Saisha laid out the design on the templates, but the Podium Wear folks make the final adaptations to ensure that her vision is accurately translated to fabric.


Their large format printer in the process of making the paper sheets that will be used to transfer the design to fabric. I probably should have asked more questions about the process, the technical stuff on how it works, or at the very least the correct names for things, but I didn’t. I’m a terrible journalist who was just there jumping up and down over the fact that a new Bike Jerks kit was happening before my eyes.


The room where the transfer and cutting happens.


Adams Family Pinball, natch.

Putting the paper printout into the machine that will transfer the ink to the jersey material.


Paper on the left, fabric on the right.


And now to the cutting…

The skill and sureness with which the blade was wielded was impressive to be sure. Just zip-zip-zip.

Bike Jerks on the board!


Check out that sweet van shirt

Chammy’s waiting for a home.





Made in Minnesota

So far the people behind Podiumwear have been nothing but amazing to work with. Eagerly taking on the project and not getting upset when I needed to make minor changes to make sure that the finished product matched our exacting Bike Jerks standards.

Super proud of these kits, and super excited to make them available to you. Full disclosure and launch next week.


New Bike Jerks Kit Preview


Here’s a sneak preview of the brand new Bike Jerks kit. This is only our second ever stretchy riding ensemble and was prompted by emails from folks telling us their current BJBC kit was getting a little worn out. For the design we decided to go with an old school riding club layout and have partnered with Twin Cities locals, Podium Wear, to produce them right across the river in St. Paul.

They will be available in both men’s and women’s jerseys and bibs next week, with the jersey coming in either white or black.





Hope you love them.

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