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Sunset in Los Angeles

Sock Game


on point thanks to Team Dream

New Lifestyle Patches in Stock


Super psyched to bring you a new edition of this favorite patch. Now in the way safer color of black.
You know your battle jacket needs one of these. 5 bucks. FTW. Made in USA, limited run of 100 pieces.
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Space Horse Disc: Loaded Touring Teaser

Loaded Touring – Teaser from All-City Cycles on Vimeo.

I honestly think this is the best thing we’ve ever done, and SK murdered the track!

Full video drops 2/20!

Fire Danger!


It’s Stupor Bowl Weekend!


The 20th anniverery of one of the worst ideas to come out of Minneapolis. If you don’t already know what this is after 20 years then you should google it ( really, the google results are pretty great). We are pulling things together currently and will have more updates as they come in. I just wanted to get this out there in your brains so that you can start doing intervals on the rollers while slamming beers and so out of towners can start planning their winter getaway to beautiful frozen MPLS.

Thursday: Pre-reg. W/T/F happy hour. Eastlake Brewery from 5pm-7pm. Everyone else welcome to join after 7pm.

Friday: Pre-reg & Jeff O’Hare pre-race.

Saturday: Reg opens at 11. Roll out at 2.

Sunday: hangovers & probably brunch. Karaoke later. Tiana and Elena will be Taking Back Sunday.

More Here

Digging this David Bowie Cycling Cap

Word on the street is that they are no longer being made. Stoked to scoop one from Cat Bartash before they were all gone.



Stupor Bowl XIX Portraits

From Chris Berg:
You are invited to a pop up art show of portraits from Stupor Bowl XIX & a 10 year retrospective of the race I have been working on: 2007-16. I have also made a small book containing my favorites; available for view or purchase. Tell anyone who you think may be interested in fun photography, bike culture & good people!
Location: Space next to One on One bicycle studio. 115 N Washington ave, mpls
When: 2 day show. Opening 2.3.17 7pm & 2.4.17 11-3pm
Drinks, music & a positivity provided!!
I really hope to see you there!

Visiting Joshua Tree

In all my trips to California I had never had the opportunity to visit any of it’s magnificent National Parks. Which made it an easy choice to tack a few days onto the tail end of my recent business trip (see reportage on the All-City Cycles blog) to finally do just that. Destination: Joshua Tree. Agenda: Ride some bikes, then get ready for sunset with a journey into the park to have our minds blown by the geography and sunset.

John, Kyle, and I headed up Sunday night to ride Monday morning. We met up with Darren, a new acquaintance who showed up in a VW bus at the shop the day before. He was heading there, and so were we so of course we teamed right the fuck up. Cari and Liz, joined us later on Monday completing the crew in time for the mind expanding hike out into the barren lands for sunset.

The official Radavist adventuring machine, a turbo diesel right hand drive Land Cruiser that left pretty much every dude we happened past with their mouths agape. Seriously, if any of you out there are looking to attract attention from males, this is the ticket.



photo by Kyle Kelley

Riding the Section 6 trails, just outside of Joshua Tree National Park. Don’t be a knucklehead, you can’t go riding bikes off-road in National Parks, that shit don’t fly.





IMG_0079 (1)


Photo by John Watson


It was a heck of a time.

Snow Angel