PSA: Watch Your Shit

by Jeff on August 18, 2014

Bike theft has become an epidemic especially in Minneapolis.  It’s so bad that “if you have a question about a bicycle” then you dial 1 on the police phone system.

Bicycle Theft Facts

Between August 5th and August 11th, there were twenty-one bicycles stolen in the 3rd Precinct. The victims of the thefts reported a total value of $8038 for the bikes stolen.

During this same one week period, there were eighty-six bicycle thefts reported in Minneapolis. The victims reported a total loss of$45,284.

Recently the 3rd Precinct recovered forty-five bicycles that had been stolen. Of the forty-five only five could be returned to the victims because the bikes weren’t registered, or the victims couldn’t show ownership. Most of the bikes will be auctioned off by the city.

MOST BIKES ARE STOLEN BY FULL-TIME CRIMINALS TO BE RE-SOLD.  Not because somebody needs a bike.   This is organized activity, people!

LOCK AND LOAD:  If you live in Minneapolis or park your bike there, you should get a GOOD lock, like a U-Lock or an ABUS Bordo or similar high security lock.  Cable locks are useless for anything except locking up the wheels WITH a U-Lock.

REGISTER YOUR RIGS:  The other thing you can do is REGISTER your bike, see below information from the Mpls. Police.  Eventually many of these bikes are recovered, or posted for sale, or taken to Pawn Shops, or sometimes taken to other states.  If the bike is registered, and it turns up in Minneapolis, you will probably get it back.  Registering is FREE just like your bike if you don’t lock it up with a decent lock.   Having a picture of the bike and the serial number written down is a darn fine idea.

IF YOUR BIKE IS STOLEN:  Call the police and make a report.   This will result in the bike being added to the stolen property list, and if someone tries to pawn it, you will get it back.   It also helps if someone tries to sell it on Craig’s List and you need the cops to help you get it from the seller (whether or not they are the thief).  Which is what you should do if you spot it on Craig’s List – call the cops.



Don’t Forget, Bandit Cross is this Friday

by Jeff on August 18, 2014

Of all the Bandit Cross races, Night Moves is always one of the best. This Friday we’re returning to the dog park to race a revamped course. It’ll be longer, faster, and more singletracky. Bonfire and swimming to follow. Bring lights, and beverages.

And in honor of this Friday’s race, let’s revisit a few badass images from Eric Shoultz shot at a previous edition.

and a couple from yours truly

Get stoked. Friday’s going to be good.

More Single Speed USA

by Jeff on August 18, 2014

And wrapping up my photos from the throw down in Copper Harbor, here are some more favorites from the weekend.

this is my favorite photo from the whole trip


BMX Video Monday

by Jeff on August 18, 2014

This dude is so smooth, make sure you catch that can can nose manual at 1:30

More Than Stores: GSC

by Jeff on August 15, 2014

Check out this vid on the homies at GSC. And peep that one of a kind Party Wolf shop apron.

thanks to Radavist for the heads up


CMWC 1994

by Jeff on August 15, 2014

Croll Brochure

by Jeff on August 15, 2014

Occasionally real cool junk shows up on the free table at work, this Croll brochure is a testament to that fact.

Being a nerd, I’ve always been stoked on catalogs, and growing up I used to call all of the 1-800 numbers in the MTB magazines and ask for free catalogs and stickers (of course I did). I kept them all filed in cabinet in my room in alphabetical order. Pre-internet they were the primary means of getting to know what a company was about and what they fully offered.

Being a Croll owner and something of a local cycling history buff, I was mega pumped to come up on this. I learned some new facts, such as at one time apparently Croll referred to itself as “The Bicycle Factory” in some contexts.



stoked to see this photo of a young Erik Noren

And I thought the fact that Croll offered both “East Coast” and “West Coast” geometries in alternating sizes, was pretty weird and pretty cool. I always thought “East Coast” geo was also tied to a taller bottom bracket, as well as shorter stays and steeper angles. Anyone know if the drop was the same on the East vs West Croll’s?

Steal Your Face

by Jeff on August 14, 2014


stoked on these, but it took a while

Single Speed USA Selected Black And Whites

by Jeff on August 13, 2014


Rather than racing this past weekend, I elected to cruise around on a 140mm travel geared bike and shoot photos during the main event. Didn’t come up with too much gold, but here are a few selected black and white images that I fancy. You’ll get coloreds next week, but enjoy these till then.

the race winner, Jesse LaLonde


woman’s winner, Megan Barr looking metal as fuck


Skate Video Wednesday

by Jeff on August 13, 2014

Richie Jackson. Brand new obsolete part. from Brian Meison A. on Vimeo.