by Jeff on April 10, 2014


Minneapolis NACCC Promo #1

by Jeff on April 10, 2014

Get ready for the Minneapolis North American Cycle Courier Championships presented by All-City!

NACCC Promo from Christian Sundquist on Vimeo.

RIP Ultimate Warrior

by Jeff on April 9, 2014

Sad news today that the Ultimate Warrior, one of the most vibrant characters in all of wrestling passed away.

let’s take a minute to reflect with some classic Warrior promos 

and here’s a salute to a Bike Jerks reader submitted design that still remains unfulfilled. Perhaps it’s time.
warrior shirt.indd

Mudfoot Dirty Hundo Video

by Jeff on April 9, 2014

The video for the Mudfoot Dirty Hundo video is up and it’s pretty great. As I’ve stated, it was a mind blowing experience that totally changed my personal concept of how much work you can do on a bike in a day. See you next year?

Mudfoot Presents: The Dirty Hundo from Golden Saddle Cyclery on Vimeo.


by Jeff on April 9, 2014

It was a good one 


Join us at Nightengale This Thursday

by Jeff on April 8, 2014


As D.O. and yours truly go head to head on the wheels of steel to make you move your feet to the funky beat.


by Jeff on April 8, 2014

opefully the last big snow storm of the season.

Chasing the Sun Ride

by Jeff on April 7, 2014

Photos are up from the All-City X Golden Saddle Cyclery Chasing the Sun Ride on the AC Blog.

Here are a few favorites

New Bike Day: Breezer Storm

by Jeff on April 7, 2014

This was this year’s Winter Project, a late 1990′s Breezer Storm.

The bike was procured from my buddy K.K. after sending out a vague email stating that I was looking for a classy vintage mtb frame to build into an urban shred sled.

This was his second Breezer, after the first one cracked (a Lightning I believe), he received this as a replacement and immediately had a friend at Penn Cycles braze in some single speed Sub 11 branded dropouts(this style of dropout actually predates Surly, though they are popularly known as “Surly dropouts” and are now branded as such)  instead of the Ritchey vertical dropouts that came stock.

The first thing I noticed was, holy hell is this thing light. Like crazy light. After doing some asking around I found out that the Lighnting’s were made from even lighter Ritchey Logic Tubing instead of the lower end Breezer DFusion on the Storm. Not surprisingly like the Bridgestone MB-0 many of those higher end models broke if they lived anything approximating a hard life.

This was the first time I’ve had it out in the light of day since finishing the build in February or so. I was stoked to ride it, but it’s clear that I need to figure out a different stem situation as the bike is currently just way too long for me.

1998? Breezer Storm 19″
These are the original cranks off of my ’98 Homegrown factory, stoked to put them to period correct use


Look for more of this honey now that the salt is off the roads.

BMX Video Monday

by Jeff on April 7, 2014