Let’s Go Crazy!

stoked on this new All-City cap, which pays tribute to Minneapolis’ greatest cultural export!

ACC Bandit Cross Photos

Holy smokes, I finally added up all the signatures on the waiver and realized we had 98 racers sign up for the All City Championships Bandit Cross. Easily the biggest one yet, and from the kind words of the racers, I think it’s safe to say that everyone had one heck of a great time.

Kevin Sparrow was on hand courtesy of All-City to document the proceedings. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the event.

Huge thank you to everyone who came out, and big thanks to Charlie for marshaling the bike path corner and keeping everyone safe.









See all of the photos from the weekend on the All-CIty Flickr

The Baphomet Shirt Has Dropped

photos by Kevin Sparrow

Super stoked to bring you the latest addition to the Bike Jerks line: the Baphomet, drawn by the super talented Micco! It features Baphomet sitting on top of a pile of skulls with a BMX sprocket in the background.

Like all of our shirts, it is hand printed one at a time in our South Minneapolis workshop. The Baphomet is available on either black or white shirt stock for $23

swoop here


And while we’re on the topic of things in the shop.

Don’t forget about the Sucker Punch shirt we released a few months back featuring artwork by Peter HarrenBikeJerks_Tshirts_2016_602

Or the Superfriends Cap – handmade in Austin, TX by Rothera
photo by Anna Schwinn

And last but not least, I just put one complete Supefriends Team Kit in Large into stock. I ordered an extra in case someone had sizing issues, but it was not needed and can now be sold. I’m offering it up at the discounted price of $225 for the Jersey and Bibs.BIKEJERKS-43
photo by Kyle Kelley

Freewheelin’ – The First MTB Movie

This movie, “Freewheelin’”, is purportedly the first mountain biking movie ever filmed, in 1985.

Here is the full video description from Wolf Ruck on Youtube, with all of the background information:
SUBJECT: Off-road Cycling Length: 15mins They’re called “Mountain Bikes” or “Fat Tire Flyers” by off-road enthusiasts and these dynamic human powered machines are at the leading edge of the bicycling revival sweeping the globe today. Action-packed and instructive, this film brings alive the new-found freedom, challenge and adventure which characterizes this exciting variation of self-propelled sport and recreation. Featuring expert bike handling and astounding trick riding skills, this film is pure motivational entertainment for youthful audiences and the young-at-heart of all ages.

Our City!


All City Championship 2016 Race Stops & Standings

photo by John Watson


Last Night’s Results and Overall Standings!

Ben Hovland 5pts
Jon Z 4pts
Sean T 3pts
Sean Doe 2pts
SK 1pt
Tiana 5pts
Ais 4pts
Lilah 3pts


Ais 8pts
Tiana 8pts
Jana 5pts
Lilac 3pts
Jon Z 8pts
Steven Bostwick 5pts
Ben Hovland 5pts
Ben Lazerquist 3pts
Sean T 3pts
Peter Koerhner 2pts
Sean Doe 2pts
SK 1pt
Devin Buckwilder 1pt


Here are your 2016 Race Stops, looks like the rain will be finished by go time, see you at One on One at 4pm sharp.
Grumpy’s DT
Witch’s Hat Tower
Rock-It HQ – 715 W Franklin
East Lake Brewery

photo by John Watson

Bryant Lake Bowl
Washburn Park Water Tower – Highview Pl / Prospect Ave
Cedar Point Beach – Cedar Lk Pkwy / W 21st
White Sands Beach – E 27th / W River Pkwy S
Gear Junkie Office – 2836 Lyndale – Greenway Level
Deming Heights Park – 1115 St. Anthony Pkwy

photo by John Watson

On the Eve of the ACC’s

It’s All City weekend, and everybody’s celebrating…
But before we get to the good times, let’s talk a bit about keeping you safe:

The most important thing in this world is your life.

Going into this weekend, please remember that and please don’t do anything stupid. Ride responsibly and safely. Wear your helmet, and don’t take silly chances. They aren’t worth it.

I used to think that the folks who got hurt just weren’t as good as me, weren’t as fast, weren’t as skilled.
That mentality is bullshit. All they were was not as lucky.

Your life and health isn’t worth a wheelset, or prize bag. Get to the finish line safe and sound. We’ll be waiting with a beer and a high five for ya.

photo by John Watson

All City Championship Event Highlight: Match Sprints & Distance Skidz!

The Robeast Treasure Crayton: Since he won it every single year, sprints got boring and we stopped doing them. Now they’re back! (this was the first ever race victory for a Big Block, they grow up so fast)

I’ve been hearing a lot of shit talking concerning the match sprints. Along the lines of “C’mon, l race track, real bike racing. You think so and so has a shot at beating me?” Well big shot, tomorrow is put up or shut the fuck up. Head to head, single elimination tournament. Race length is around 1.5 city blocks.

Each racer will put their name on a card and it will go into the bag. Random pairs will be drawn and the race is on. Races will begin from a track stand, no holders. If you can’t hold your stand and dab on the line, we’ve got problems. I’ll give you one bogey, but if you do it twice, you’re starting with a foot down. If you’re beat, you’re out, until their is only one winner in the Open and WTF categories.

We haven’t run sprints since 2010 or so due to it getting boring as shit because Trevor kept crushing all comers, and switched to the track crit. Well, it’s back suckers, and it’s time to see who the champion from this generation will be. All types of bikes are welcome, in the past the BMX’ers have actually come really close to winning based on their ability to charge out of the hole. If someone on a BMX actually adjusts their gearing for the length of the race, watch out. Meet up is at 10pm at One on One and we’ll ride to the location near the Lowry Bridge.

If you’re bringing beverages, make sure you keep it on the DL. If the police roll by, we aren’t really doing anything illegal other than the drinking part. If they don’t see drinking, we’re in the clear. Police yourselves and keep it under wraps, also as always, pack out your empties.

Skids are going to be straight up distance. Longest skids wins!

Friday August 19th: Pre Reg, Match Sprints, Skid Comp
Meet at One on One, 10pm
Open to all bikes, though a track bike will likely be the fastest.
From One on One we’ll ride to the race spot. Bring your own bevvies, but make sure you have a coozie and keep that shit under wraps.
Separate Mens and WTF races.
Prize Categories: Mens and WTF 1st Place for Sprints and Long Distance Skidz

$10 ACC fee covers both the Friday and Saturday events.

And because this is as good an excuse as any, I’m reposting this oldie but a goodie.

ECMC 2016

That’s A Good Sign!