Yo Eddy Commuter Project


The other day while perusing the Facebooks I spotted a post referencing a Yo Eddy for sale in the Boston area for a reasonable sum. Being a sucker for such things, of course I immediately contacted the seller and after a bit of back and forth, he dropped it off at an All-City dealer in Belmont to be packed and shipped my way. Gotta love the global bike community, and shout out to Kevin at Belmont Wheelworks for being so amazing.

The photo on Craigslist was a bit murky, but I could see that the frame looked pretty decent and at least had a King headset in it. Worth the price of admission. The rest of the components were a mystery though, especially that black fork. Well, much to my delight things worked out pretty well and the bike is pretty nicely equipped as you’ll see. It was being used as a commuter by the previous owner and I plan on building it back up with a front rack and some Surly Open Bars to be an around town smasher and beach cruiser.

I traced the serial number to the year 1995 and it’s one of the best color schemes they ever offered. It’s a New York Fat Chance so that means a threaded bottom bracket, which I’m stoked on.


1995 Fat Chance Yo Eddy
Size Large
Fork: Royal H Cycles
Headset: Chris King
Shifters: Deore XT
Brake Levers: Real
Brakes: Deore XT
Crank: Ritchey Logic
Front Derailleur: Deore LX
Rear Derailleur: Deore XT
Stem: Syncros
Post: Syncros
Bars: Titec Hellbent
Wheels: Front Ringle Ti Stix, Rear Deore XT, Sun Rims

So let’s talk about that fork, so excited to own such a beauty. It was reportedly made by Bryan Hollingsworth of Royal H Cycles, and utilizes the gorgeous Pacenti crown that was inspired by the crown on my MB-1 which itself was inspired by an early Ritchey design. Anyway, I’ve always wished for All-City to use this crown, or at least have a custom fork made with it.

The craftsmanship is meticulous but the plain black color leaves a bit to be desired as it really hides all the stunning lines of the crown. Kicking around the idea of having it color matched, but it’ll have to wait until I’m a bit more flush with cash.

Ritchey Logic cranks made by Sugino

Fat Chance signature bullet capped stays, XT rear derailleur with some anodized flair



Way trick Real brake levers




Welcome to the family!

And stay tuned for my build on it.

Cold Like Minnesota

It’s like – 6 air temp neg fifteen windchill…

Hope your Holidays Were Awesome




Stoked for the new year to come, lots of traveling, local adventuring, and of course only the finest in bicycles.


The Bike that Started it All


Peep game: 6th grade, first mtb.

Let me run this photo down for ya partner. We’ll get to the bike in a second. I don’t know why as I don’t think I got this bike till my birthday in October, but that outfit, pretty sure that’s some first day of school steeze right there. For sure it’s the best shit I owned at the time. That’s a Deon Sanders Nike shirt, paired with some San Jose Sharks shorts and some clean ass Bo Jackson Air Hurache’s. Fresh to death in ’91.

Now that bike, my first ever mtb. It was $370 and I kicked in my Summer lawn mowing money and it still counted for two birthdays and a Christmas present. I remember my mother saying “well maybe if you were racing…” \

This Trek 830 became the catalyst for what became the rest of my life (so far). I raced it, broke it, upgraded it, and explored the woods and neighborhoods all over Oneida County. I rode this bike for four years until I could afford to buy a Trek 8700 with money from my first job after getting serious about trails.

And don’t get the wrong idea here, I may have had a cool bike but it would still be another six years before a girl would let me kiss her. 🙂

BMX Video Monday


Do not miss this one!

BMX Video Monday

This killer part from one of Minneapolis’ own just hit the inter webs!

Cyclist Portraits 2006

Last week’s feature of messenger portraits from 1990 Toronto made me recall that my own portrait series turned 10 years this month. In the winter of 2006 I had just received my first little point and shoot digital camera and a chance pick up of one of those cheesy home slide projector screens was the catalyst to shoot as many members of the growing online community (MPLS Bike Love) as I could from December 2016-January 2017.

I was fortunate to meet many folks over this project whom would later become cornerstones of the burgeoning MPLS urban bike scene and friends.

I was also honored to be included in a group show at Burlesque of North America that Spring.

While the shots today look a bit primitive, heck they aren’t even really in focus, at the time I remember being so stoked by the outcome, and I’m happy to share this bit of Bike Jerks history. Unfortunately a number of the files ended up being corrupt, so I did my best to recreate the editing of those images by firing up my old 2006 Macbook and re-editing them.

The photos were all taken in my garage using two halogen work lights on the ground and an old floor lamp that I received from  my Grandmother’s belongings after her passing. The tight crop was necessitated by the small size of the projector screen. It was either snowing or raining for almost all of the photo sessions, which is why you see the slush and the wet bikes. The temperatures outside were between 20 and 40 degrees, with the garage being slightly warmer due to the lighting.

Here are a few favorites:

River – the daughter of another subject in this series, her father convinced her to come down and have her photo taken with the bike she had been riding when struck by a car a few days earlier. Peep the fender crushing the rim.

Andy – Andy was lurking outside the garage getting ready to leave when I stepped outside and yelled to him. Seems he was having second thoughts about having his photo taken by some punk kid. You see, he was part of the Surly crew who were the absolute coolest thing going at the time. Having him be involved lent credibility to the fledgling Bike Jerks and always meant a lot to me, I knew it took him out of his comfort zone and I was honored to shoot his photo.

Sam – surly son of a gun, takes a while to crack the shell but once you do, you realize he’d do anything for a buddy. Hell of a beer maker too.

Unknown – I’ve always liked the tension in his hands, being in front of the camera can be really uncomfortable if you’re not used to it. Even though folks volunteered to have their picture taken, that didn’t mean they enjoyed the process.

Marie – longtime MPLS, now a fixture in Chicago with the Cuttin’ Crew. The night I shot this photo was the first time we ever met. I remember thinking that it was brave of her to come to some random dude’s garage and have her photo taken. Thank you for trusting me.

Neal – don’t recall what happened to him, I think he may have went back to Portland. Love that Miche Supertype seat post.

Billy Handjob – B.Ridget’s cousin and an all around great dude. I’m pretty sure he still rides this amazing Olmo that I built for him.

Parts Washer – One of the best mechanics in a town full of great bike mechanics. When you’ve got a stuck bottom bracket this is the man to call. Still on the job at Freehweel’s Westbank store. During the shoot we got a bit loose and he cracked his head open on the point of his saddle, hence the blood. 

Joshy – my main man and oldest Minneapolis friend

Susan – first woman to ever win a Stupor Bowl overall! She took Speed in 2008 I think.

Trevor – I believe he lives the good life up on the coast of Lake Superior. I’ve always loved the shadow mustache that the floor lighting provided.

David – A smile you can trust

Rox – my roommate for four years. Good people!

Pi – one of the best rock climbers the state of Minnesota has ever produced, we’re talking v14 shit.

Tommy – moved to Oakland after undergrad for grad school. He had the raddest Reynolds 531 Peugeot which was English threaded instead of silly French. Check that lug work.

Kelly – the infamous MPLS MINX. I chose a different photo to represent her, but she didn’t approve, so we ended up using this one. Sometimes you gotta make ’em happy.

Anthony – he went on to become one of the best wheel builders in the world

Landon – the most consistent alleycat racer in town from 2006-2010. Best routing skills in the game. He and I always went toe-to-toe, I had the legs but he had the better head.

Jeff – this photo was taken with B.Ridget behind the camera. That’s my first “real” messenger bag, and I still wear that jersey every winter. 

B.Ridget – my better half for almost a decade. A kinder person or sweeter soul you will not meet. 

This is just a selection, if you’d like to see all of the portraits click here

How Cannondale Got Their Name

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BMX Video Monday

Hey Kyle!

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