All-City’s Cloak of Invincibility

Today All-City officially launched their new windbreaker, The Cloak of Invincibility, designed in house from the ground up by AC. A first for them in the softgoods realm.

Check the above link for more info, gaze upon the majesty of Bike Jerks family member SK below.

ACC Bandit Cross July 9th

It’s on! The cyclocross season opener is happening next Thursday.

All City Championship Bandit Cross
Meet at 6:30pm Race at 7pm
Afterparty at the Fulton Taproom
Free to all, All kinds of bikes welcome.

And if you’re feeling like pitching in. I’ll be down at Hobo Camp tomorrow July 1st at 6:30 with a crew of workers getting the trail into shape.

If you’ve never been, Bandit Cross is unsanctioned cyclocross racing with no fees, no prizes, and no shitty attitudes. We ride hard, but the competition never outpaces the goodwill.

Facebook Event Page Here

And to up the stoke even more gaze upon some photos shot by the talented Chris Lee for the Radavist at last year’s race.












For more info on Bandit Cross:
Click here for full details on why we run Bandit Cross as we do.

Or if you’ve got time to burn, check out this documentary:

Bandit Cross: Ruining It For Everybody from Quality Bicycle Products on Vimeo.

50 Reasons: Minneapolis is the Bike Capital of America

Not to toot our own horn, but beep fucking beep.

And they forgot Bike Jerks, Bandit Cross and Y.N. Rich Kids…

“tell these haters to get off my pegs!”


Whisky Parts Co. Video

I’m always stoked to see our beloved River Bottoms in a video as well as some local homies. Here’s a new one from Whisky Parts Co.

WHISKY No.9 70w Carbon Fat Rim from Whisky Parts Co. on Vimeo.

Previewing the Mudfoot Fundo Course

Photos from a foggy ride through the mountains of the Angeles National Forest recon’ing the Mudfoot Fundo route with Moi and Coel from Mudfoot. Photos were taken in April.


If you ever get out that way, I highly recommend making sure you have access to a cross bike.

David’s Eistentraut Roadie

Hello Folks,
As you’re probably aware, I’ve been holding back on the blog for a bit in order to stack clips for the launch of the new website. As it appears that is going to happen next week, it’s time to start melting your brains with all sorts of rad goings on from the past four months or so.

One of those things are photos of David’s, from Golden Saddle Cyclery, Eisentraut road bike. If you’re not familiar with Eisentraut, he is one of the original American frame builders.

From his Wikipedia page:Albert Eisentraut of Oakland, California (USA), is an artist whose medium is bicycle frames. He has been building handmade bikes since 1959. Additionally, he has trained many better known custom builders through the classes he gave 1973-1992. His notable students include Bruce Gordon, Joe Breeze, Skip Hujsak, Mark Nobilette, and Bill Stevenson

As you can see, David has put together a super clean, classic build with late period square taper Campagnolo Chorus, complimented by high polished H Plus Son rims. There is nothing flashy about it, yet it still manages to turn heads through it’s understated beauty, classic lines, and timeless appearance.


What a beauty!



More ACC Prizes And Some Updates

As the big weekend approaches prizes keep rolling in. According to the Facebook event page 484 of you say you’re coming to the race. Which means I have no idea how many racers I can actually expect. My best guess is around 180 or so as that’s pretty much inline with what we’ve done in year’s past.

A few things to keep you up on what’s going down. The race page on is not up yet as we’re waiting to launch the new website next week.

There are also some cool new things in terms of swag this year. For the first time ever there will be ACC shirts thanks to Tony at Alchemist prints. Shirts are always a hard one in terms of size and quantity, I plan on printing 100 or so. Likely 75 men’s and 25 women’s. First 100 to sign up will get them, so I suggest you get your butt to the track crit on Friday for pre-reg.  The next 50 or so people will get a Bike Jerks 10th Anniversary patch.

In lieu of spoke cards which are always fun if not a tad 2008, we’re doing pin on race numbers for your bags. They will look like this…
And I will have 200 of them.

Now, back to our prizes…

From our friends at Surly bikes, who are one of only two companies to sponsor every year of the race, comes a totally sweet Surly Straggler frameset in your choice of size.
This is slated to go to either the men’s or women’s champ.

The homies at TCB Courier sent over some of their top flight t-shirts which are sure to be hotly desired among the mess crowd.

And Minneapolis’ own Gear Junkie sent over another grab bag of goodies.
I’m fairly certain that they just go around their office and grab whatever happens to be lying around. Which is fantastic because apparently they always have super rad shit everywhere.


Get pumped.

Skate Video Wednesday

Summer is…

In sequence shot on Tuesday evening.