All City Championship Event Highlight: SK After Dark


This is the first in a  series of posts highlighting the various days of racing at the All City Championships, giving you a more in depth look of what’s going on and what you can expect.

On Wednesday August 17th we kick it all off with SK After Dark, this is an alleycat hosted by Benjamin Davies. Here is what he has to say about it:
This is the first race of the 2016 All City Championships. Registration at 9pm Race at 10pm sharp. Bring 5$ a bag and a lock. There will be bonus checkpoints that you might need $ for, so get bail out at your discretion. It’s called SK after dark so you know shits gonna get weird! Giddy up fuckers! P.S. THE YELLOW BAG IS ON THE LINE!

For those not in the know, the Yellow Bag is awarded to the top placing MPLS messenger and is only contested at races that are organized by a member of the Minneapolis Bicycle Messenger Association.

Meet at Rock-It HQ: 715 W Franklin Ave.

Remember, this event is part of the overall ACC Champion Competition

Overall Champions
The Wednesday – Friday – and Saturday events will have cumulative scoring. A racer will be awarded the following points
1st place: 5 points
2nd place: 4 points
3rd place: 3 points
4th place: 2 points
5th place: 1 point

Facebook Event Page

All City Championship Prize Roll

Prizes are rolling in for the All City Championships, here is what has arrived so far. Huge shoutout to all of our sponsors, without you it’d be a heck of a lot less fun.

From All-City we have a 55cm Nature Boy 853 frameset

Our friends at Fairdale Bikes delivered an amazing care package with assorted goodies including one of their Skate Racks and jerseys.

Surly kicked down one of their super dope wool hoodies.

Knog hooked up all kinds of amazing lights.

Fyxation sent over a set of their rad tires

My main slices over at Velocity sent over a super dope track wheel set!

Holdfast hit us up with a whole bunch of their toe straps in All-City branding.

And Portland Design Works helped out with a bunch of cool stuff including one of their rad stuff sack rear racks!

As always folks, I urge you to support the business’ who support our community.

All City Championship Handbills Are Out

Pick one up at your local Minneapolis bike shop, and other assorted business’.

Thanks to Kyle Sauter for the amazing design work.

Schwinn King Sting

The other day at One on One I had the opportunity to check out this sweet piece, a super sick Schwinn King Sting. For those not familiar, the King Sting was Schwinn’s initial answer to requests from the burgeoning mountain bike market. It is considered by many to be a pretty big misstep as it relied almost exclusively on BMX technology while upstart companies such as Mountain Bikes lead by Fisher and Ritchey utilized more purpose built frames, geometries and parts.

This one’s kitted out with period correct parts (give or take a year or three) and is an around towner for the owner.














BMX Video Monday

All City Championships 2016 Full Schedule


Friends, the big one is back and bigger than ever. Please join us in Minneapolis from August 17th-20th for four days of racing, and a lazy Sunday spent at the beach!

All City Championships 11

Wednesday August 17th: SK After Dark
Reg at 9pm at Rockit HQ -715 W Franklin.
Race at 10. 5 Bucks

Thursday August 18th: Bandit Cross 
Hobo Camp
Bryn Mawr Meadows Meet at 6:30 race at 7
Free to all and open to all types of bikes, though we prefer singlespeeds if you’ve got one.
Aferparty at Fulton Brewing – 414 6th Ave N

Friday August 19th: Pre Reg, Match Sprints, Skid Comp
Meet at One on One, 10pm
Open to all bikes, though a track bike will likely be the fastest.
From One on One we’ll ride to the race spot. Bring your own bevvies, but make sure you have a coozie and keep that shit under wraps.
Separate Mens and WTF races.
Prize Categories: Mens and WTF 1st Place for Sprints and Long Distance Skidz

$10 ACC fee covers both the Friday and Saturday events.

Photo by Chris Lee

Saturday August 20th – All City Championship 2016 Alleycat
Meet at One on One at 4pm / Race at 5pm
117 Washington Ave N
Bring a lock and a map. Expect 25-35 miles all over this fair city of ours.
After party to follow at Modist Brewing 505 N 3rd St.

Manned race stops will be posted on the bikejerks blog at noon.
Prize Categories:
1,2,3 Mens & WTF
1st Fixed Mens and WTF
1st Out of Town Mens and WTF

Overall Champions
The Wednesday – Friday – and Saturday events will have cumulative scoring. A racer will be awarded the following points
1st place: 5 points
2nd place: 4 points
3rd place: 3 points
4th place: 2 points
5th place: 1 point

Prize bags will go to the Overall Champions!!!!

All events will have separate scoring and equal prizes for both the mens and WTF categories.

Check the Facebook event page here. 
2014 Alleycat Winner David Smith with a victory yell!

Save the Velodrome

Hey folks,
Today we’re stoked to bring you a short documentary about the efforts to save our beautiful local velodrome, the NSC, by Christian Sundquist.

In 2014 The Velodrome at the National Sports Center was gearing up for the coming racing season in the Summer. Just before the track was scheduled to open for the season, the NSC analyzed the structural integrity of the track. Their conclusion was that the velodrome was unsafe to race on in its current state. With no budget for the Velodrome the NSC decided to close down the racing venue for good. As the rumors trickled down to the racers, frustration grew. The racers and the cycling community quickly banded together to fix the structural / financial problems and to save the velodrome. This is their story.

Save The Velodrome from Christian Sundquist on Vimeo.

BMX Video Monday

20Twenty Squad from 20twentybmx on Vimeo.

See You Soon


I hate to leave Minnesota during the best week for night swimming we’ve seen in a number of years, but I’m off to Tahoe until August 1st. See you then, hope you do lots of great stuff.


those brown puppy eyes tho!