More 90′s MTB Action

by Jeff on December 18, 2014

following up on yesterday’s video, some more hot 90′s action

Nov 23rd

by Jeff on December 18, 2014


John Tomac Interview

by Jeff on December 17, 2014

as a life long Tomac fan I was mega stoked to see this interview pop up on Milano Fixed today.

worth a watch for some classic mtb action

Last Week

by Jeff on December 17, 2014


Come To Nightengale Tonight

by Jeff on December 17, 2014

I’ll be joining D.O. for a DJ set on Wednesday Night. Things should get rolling around 10pm, just in time for their awesome late night happy hour to kick in.


We’d both be really stoked to see you.

(for those of you not familiar, Nightengale is a tight spot just across the street from the C.C. Club in Uptown)

UNIQLO X NYC Messengers

by Jeff on December 16, 2014

one for Little Whitesnake

Reynolds 531 Means….

by Jeff on December 16, 2014


Dose of Awesome

by Jeff on December 16, 2014


Bike Jerks Top Ten Albums of 2014 Part 1

by Jeff on December 16, 2014

It’s that time of year when everybody with an opinion and a platform bombards you with their year end top ten lists. And why should this site be any different…

In that spirit here then are my top albums of 2014. Note these are not the top albums that came out this year, but rather albums that were new to me and my collection. Here then in no particular order is my first five.

A mix of metal and a holy trinity of funk.

1. Cymande – Cymande
This selection, Shuggie and Baby Huey were all on my radar through various comps, but really came to the forefront thanks to this list of the top 50 Most Drug Addled Albums in History.

Here is the description from that list:
Happy, positive, full of amazing hooks and melodies, this island-jam pop-funk album is the distillation of the best joint you ever smoked, or a sticky drink with an umbrella in it being sipped at a poolside-bar. This is the talk down of every bad vibe, every bad acid trip, every argument with your wife about what to tip the bellboy. A skinny dip into the affirmative, high as a smiling, welcoming kite.

If you spent time with me this summer at the beach, in the woods, or in my van chances are this was the soundtrack. It’s absolutely essential. Don’t fight it.

2. Shuggie Otis - Freedom Flight
Why this isn’t the most popular record in the history of music is far beyond me. The whole thing is just pure genius. Give the tracks a listen and see for yourself. Also, don’t miss out on anything you find that’s connected to Shuggie or Johnny Otis, this is not Shuggie’s only classic and all the Johnny Otis Show stuff and Snatch and the Poontangs is worth a listen.

The Soundtrack to Summer.

3.Baby Huey – The Baby Huey Story
A stone slab of classic Curtis Mayfield produced funk.

And now onto some metal.

4. Darkthrone – The Underground Resistance
A turn (or return) to classical metal forms from the black metal legends. What really sunk the hooks in were the high pitched vocals on the thirteen minute epic, Leave No Cross Unturned. The whole album is solid, but it’s the trump card.

5. Manowar – Kings of Metal
Earlier this Summer D.O. gave me my first solid listen to Kings of Metal in anticipation of their upcoming Minneapolis show. The whole thing seemed pretty ridiculous to me (and it is), and I skipped the $70 ticket and tuned out the album. A few months later though, after getting all jacked up on the high pitched vocals on the above Darkthrone release my ears were more receptive. It’s total D & D silly ass Metal, and I can’t get enough. While I have to admit loving 3 Inches of Blood in concert and some of their releases, there is always something nagging in the back of my mind regarding this demons, warriors, orc’s shit. Possibly because they were first, possibly because it’s so damn anthemic. Those reservations are lost during Kings of Metal. It’s just so good.

Hit you up with the next five albums later in the week.

BMX Video Monday

by Jeff on December 15, 2014

Eric Bahlman – Welcome to the Family from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.