BMX Video Monday

by Jeff on September 8, 2014

Cross Vegas Afterparty

by Jeff on September 5, 2014

All-City, Golden Saddle, and The Radavist bring you

Across Vegas Afterparty
After Cross Vegas next Wednesday
at Centra Bar in the Luxor

be there.

Jason Boucher Shoots TNC

by Jeff on September 5, 2014

A few pics from Jason Boucher from this past week’s TNC.

NACCC 2014 Video

by Jeff on September 4, 2014

Check it out 

Skate Video Wednesday

by Jeff on September 3, 2014

One of my all time favorite sections. Willy Santos from Birdhouse’s The End

On Heckler Hill at the Tuesday Night Cross Race…

by Jeff on September 3, 2014

IMG_6685this picture is used just because I think it’s sweet and a blog post needs a photo

I’ve been hearing some mixed reviews of the “heckling” happening on the hill the past few weeks at Tuesday Night Cross, and since I have opinions and a forum to express them, I figured I’d take the opportunity to do so.

First let me clarify that this post is in regards to heckling, (not cheering or yelling which is always welcomed as long as it brings the stoke) that particular form of vigorous critiquing that is customary at cross races across the world and in the right hands can be elevated to an art form. And in the hands of the dimwitted or lazy, is nothing but a giant irritant and a massive bummer, which only elicits high fives and congratulations from fellow assholes.

Rather a good heckle is a sharp biting barb delivered with equal parts humor and mischief and yet still firmly grounded in respect for the racer.  A good heckle brings a smile or laugh to the rider’s face and helps them temporarily forget about their pain suffering and misery.

It is certainly not intended to be mean or vicious and most importantly is not designed to target a flailing racer and make them feel bad about themselves, their skill, or their ability.  Bicycle racing is intimidating and difficult, no one deserves to be ridiculed or bullied. We are a community who’s only goal should be to support those in the community and to help bring new folks into that community. We’ve been blessed this year with awesome turnouts for all classes of racing, and all classes of racing deserve respect.

So keep it up with the cheering, the beer hand-ups, the high fives, and enthusiasm. If you’ve got something truly clever and funny to direct at a racer who you know can handle it, do so. But laughing at a fallen racer, calling a racer fat, slow, etc. You can do better, you can represent yourself, your team, and your friends better. This community deserves better. Realize not everyone wants to be criticized by a stranger, that’s not why they came. They’re here to enjoy themselves and the camaraderie of folks who love bike racing.

Think before you yell, keep it positive out there.

See you at the races.

Mike’s Bob Jackson

by Jeff on September 3, 2014

Some Chicago peeps stayed with me during the NACCC so I took the opportunity to shoot photos of Mike’s sweet Bob Jackson.


The cherry on top of this sunday is the custom nickel plated fillet brazed stem. He told me the maker but unfortunately I have since forgot. Nonetheless it’s stunning.

All-City is Looking for a Product Manager

by Jeff on September 3, 2014

AC is currently shopping for a qualified somebody to run the Product Management side of our operation.

If you’re intereted in finding out more.  Go here

Time to Start Sewing

by Jeff on September 3, 2014

I’ve always wanted a cool metal guy vest, but haven’t been able to pull the trigger as I’m not a cool metal guy.

I am however a bike racer and am stoked to bring you the beginning of a new vest for cross season. We’re going to make All-City X Fulton back patches and it gives me a place to use the various patches that I’ve collected over the years. (That dead bear was on my backpack all through college)

Denim vests and skin suits all fall long!

One From Night Moves

by Jeff on September 2, 2014

All smiles at Bandit Cross a few weeks back