Stolen Bike Alert Minneapolis

by Jeff on July 11, 2014

This one comes from the Rudnick family, and we don’t take kindly to anyone messing with the Rudnick clan.

STOLEN: 56cm yellow Masi Fixed Speciale. My son had it locked to a friend’s bike in the Kenwood neighborhood last night, hidden in another friend’s back yard. Mostly stock, except a maroon chainring and the red wheels. Looks a little beat up and one side of the bar tape was coming undone. Note Cars r Coffins sticker on down tube.

Let’s get it back.

Hammerbone Prize Caps

by Jeff on July 11, 2014

Yesterday Leif hit me up with these sweet pieces
So stoked on the return of the “Holy Shit I Won Caps.”

For those of you not familiar, during the formative days of Bike Jerks, one of my better sidelines was making caps, or more precisely dying and printing on Pace caps. Printing on a finished cap is wildly frustrating and a huge time suck, so I’ve since given it up, which meant the demise of the special winners caps that I made each year for the victors.
Well, this year Leif has brought it back and they are the fucking best.

Thanks Leif.

ACC Track Crit is Tonight

by Jeff on July 11, 2014


All City Championship Track Crit
Friday July 11th – 10pm
Meet in the One on One alley

Brakeless fixed gears only, all handlebar styles allowed, helmets mandatory
I recommend a front light, no tail lights

Separate Men’s and Women’s races. The Men’s race will be first.
The prize is a badass Velocity 11 speed road wheel set. The men’s and women’s winners will play a winner take all rock-paper-scissors game for the wheels. They will also receive a Hammerbone, Holy Shit I Won Cap.


Trash Bags: ACC Prize Bag

by Jeff on July 11, 2014

Once again Andy brings the ridiculousness with “Mt. Franemore”

Thanks again to Trash Bags for always supporting the scene and this race. Trash is a huge reason why our community is so vibrant.


by Jeff on July 11, 2014


#TBT The Way We Were

by Jeff on July 10, 2014

See you at Bandit Cross Tonight

by Jeff on July 10, 2014

ACCBandit Cross
Yo, folks.
The cross season kicks off tonight with Bandit Cross happening in a few hours at Bryn Mawr meadows. Here are the details.

ACC Bandit Cross
Hobo Camp
Bryn Mawr Meadows
Show up at 6:30 race at 7pm
free to all, open to any bike

Afterwards we’ll head to Fulton Tap Room for $3 pints.

After that we’ll hopefully go swimming in Cedar Lake, bring a suit or don’t.

Also, I’m breaking one of my own rules and the top male and female tonight will receive a very rad prize courtesy of Hammerbone caps!

On The Eve of The ACC’s…

by Jeff on July 10, 2014

The most important thing in the world is your life.

Going into this weekend, please remember that and please don’t do anything stupid. Ride responsibly and safely. Wear your helmet, and don’t take silly chances. They aren’t worth it.

I used to think that the folks who got hurt just weren’t as good as me, weren’t as fast, weren’t as skilled.
That mentality is bullshit. All they were was not as lucky.

Your life and health isn’t worth a wheelset, or prize bag.  Get to the finish line safe and sound. We’ll be waiting with a beer and a high five for ya.


Levi’s The Ride Series

by Jeff on July 10, 2014

To celebrate the opening of their Commuter workspace in Brooklyn, Levi’s is creating a series of short films that celebrate the modern commuter.

Here is the first entry.

Yep, More ACC Prizes

by Jeff on July 10, 2014

Ex-Minneapolis bro Vince, over at Unknown, sent out this high viz track killer

Blaq bags kicked down another rad custom backpack again this year. Super stoked on the custom artwork.

James from Beard Bags dropped by the house this evening with a sweet digi-camo backpack. Big thanks to him.

Portland Design Works stepped up with a whole slew of goods, and they are sending their Marketing Manager Jocelyn down. So make sure if you spot her at the events, you say hello.

And last but certainly not least, Seagull Bags dropped this amazing Twin Peaks Black Lodge themed backpack.

I’ve been dreaming about doing a Black Lodge themed kit for Bike Jerks for a minute now, but the popularity of dazzle at the moment prevents me from pulling the trigger. This bag however bites no style. It’s sick.