Classic Bike Jerks

Between making that flyer the other day and the sMc Classic video I got all nostalgic about doing tricks on actual track bikes which lead me to watch a few of the old Bike Jerks edits from 2008.

This one is from the Spring of 2008 and features Connor and myself in a promo for the trick comp at the upcoming All City Championships that year.

I know the tricks are pretty goofy, but man was it fun going out and skidding all day.

What’s crazy is that because of our ingenious plan to title it “Fixed Gear Tricks” it has racked up over 1 million views

I totally have to get out my old 650 wheel one of these days.

Bike Jerks Ad in Urban Velo

Welcome back to the SK news channel, today we’re happy to bring you the latest Bike Jerks ad in Urban Velo magazine.
another winner

Friday Funday with B.Ridget

Classic Style


Off to the U.P.

I just got back from Vegas and today it’s off once more with the dudes for a weekend of mountain biking and boozing in Copper Harbor Michigan.  That’s way up there in the Northern most part of the Upper Peninsula and about an 8 hour drive from the cities.

Don’t worry though as I’ve left a few posts to keep you entertained and B.Ridge has Friday Funday coming your way.

I should be back at the controls Tuesday with stories and photos to share.  In the meantime check out this video and get jealous.

the music in the video is terrible, so hit play on this before watching

Lee’s Peacock Groove SSCX

IMG_5873Today I’m proud to bring you the second half of the bikes from the FTP post, Lee’s own Peacock Groove Single Speed Cross racer.

This thing has disc brakes, a black paint job, and stealth bomber status.  You could easily overlook the PG hallmarks because of the understated paint, but if you look a little longer the craftsmanship punches you right in the eye.

Walk with me

TIG in Japan


At Interbike AC’s Japanese distro laid this new issue of Pedal Speed on me, and who happens to be on the cover? None other than SK, Kelly Mac, and Thor.


Bandit Cross Race 11 Vol 2.

IMG_5956Today as Bridget and I were hiking through the Minnehaha dog park area, I got stoked on some ideas for Bandit Cross that I’ve been kicking around for a while.

An after dark cross crit on a flat section in the heart of the dog park, and CX sprints.

The way the crit will work, we’ll meet up around 8 at and head down to the dog park.  It should be pretty dark so everybody will need head lamps and I’ll need to find some reflective course tape to tag out the route and hazards.  We’ll do like 10 laps, it’ll be sick.

The sprint thing is something that I’ve been wanting to do since last winter and long days spent at the Bottoms.   It’ll be run just like the usual All City Championship sprints but the start will be off the bike with a barrier, a wide open section, a barrier, and a more techy section.  It’ll be head to head, single elimination.

If you’re counting at home that means the remaining fall Bandit Cross schedule will be something along the lines of:

Brownie Lake
Dog Park Night Crit
Hidden Beach
Minnehaha Dog Park
CX Sprints
Hobo Camp – Bandit Cross Championship of the World!!!

Get pumped.

Now as promised the second set of images from this past Sunday’s race.IMG_5959IMG_5962IMG_5973IMG_5977IMG_5987IMG_5995

IMG_5992winner winner chicken dinner – congrats to Kesha

See you at the next one!


Save the Date: Track or Treat 6


The fall fixed gear classic is back for it’s 6th year and I’ve got all kind’s of frydeas about what to do about it.

One thing is certain though, after the spectacularness of past August’s ACC party, Bill, Kopish, and I are going all out on the music and atmosphere front for this next bash.  I’m talking smoke machines, strobe lights, horror movies projected on the walls, a costume contest, and a dance party to end all dance parties.

I’ve also got some notions of doing a trackstand, skid comp, and maybe doing a crit (either as the main event or a second race).  I’ve also been thinking about turning the alleycat into a city bombing mission of Franklin-Hennepin-Lake-PG HQ.

We’ll see what actually pans out.

Also this is the first year where I’m seeking beer sponsors, and prize sponsors for the event.

So far, All-City, Banjo Brothers, Velocity, and Trash Bags are supporting with a whole bunch more to come.

Party like it’s 2008!


Welcome to the New Bike Jerks Blog

IMG_4400As I’m sitting here at 12:30am I’m totally crapping my pants as I just pushed the new blog live.  I’m still figuring the Word Press thing out, and not all the blog features (like Featured Posts) are functioning the way I’d like them to, but it’s time to just bite the bullet and make the swap.

Please bear with me as I figure things out and add a layer of polish to this new setup.  I decided to make the change almost a year ago, but due to being hella busy am just finally publishing it.

There were a bunch of things I needed to address but the most important was to bring the blog into the main Bike Jerks site, as there are all kinds of longtime readers who have no idea that I actually have a whole website and that Bike Jerks was a company long before it became a “blog.”

The other big thing was to make the photos larger, as the blog has become pretty photo heavy over the years and I found the 500 pixel width of the old setup to be cumbersome.

This is the first in what I hope will be all kinds of updates to the website which has pretty much remained unchanged since we launched the second edition way back in 2007.  So expect big things on all the tabs as I use this blog launch to motivate the overhaul of

Basically I’m fixing to up the Bike Jerks hustle in a big way over the coming months, with new designs, new products, and a rededication to making this an everyday stop on your web journeys.

I’d be much appreciated if you happen to link to the blog that you update it to the new URL

As always, I thank you for your readership, it means the world to me.  I hope you like the changes, and remember it’s a work in progress.