Plastic Rim Strip Technique

As you may recall from an old post, I am a big fan of plastic rim strips.

They move around less than than their cloth counterparts and have the big plus of being reusable.  The only issue is that they also happen to be a pain in the ass to mount up.

Here’s a solution to that downside, the only one that I’ve found that really works for me.
First thing, put something in the valve hole (here I’m using a cassette tool, though an allen key works the best) to prevent the strip from moving too much during installation. If you neglect to do this, chances are you’ll have to take the strip off and try again. You’ve got to pull pretty hard to stretch it over the rim.

Here it’s mostly installed, but now it’s time to do some pulling.

And here’s the big secret, take off your shoe and use your toes to hold the wheel down so you can pull on the strip to get it over.
(sorry for the gross photo)

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Skate Video Wednesday

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BMX Video Monday

Missed this Monday so I’m making it up to you today.

Peep this video recommended by Mr. Trusky

BSD ‘Living for the City’ Part Two from BSD on Vimeo.

Concrete Rodeo: Early 90’s Chicago Messenger Documentary

Concrete Rodeo from Chip Williams on Vimeo.

A documentary short made in the early 90’s follows three Chicago bicycle messengers and the challenges they face on the job and in the streets. The film contains lots of bike riding footage in downtown Chicago interlaced with the messenger’s personal stories. This twenty-two minute short provides a glimpse into the bike messenger trade, pre-911. Concrete Rodeo won several awards on the festival circuit back in 1994, including top prize “Work of Excellence” at the 17th Tokyo Video Festival. I produced, shot and edited this documentary as my thesis film while enrolled in the M.F.A. Film & Video Program at Columbia College Chicago.

Rhinelander Randoms

Growing up in a small fairly rural town, you become fixated on one thing and one thing only, getting the hell out.  This goal permeated my teenage years, and those of us who were college bound definitely developed a superiority complex toward those who stayed.

Lately when I visit though, I’m struck by the fact that I grew up in a paradise…. the lakes, the woods, the rivers, disappearing for 7 hours a time at a clip into the forest at 8 years old etc.  It was an often poor, hardscrabble place to grow up, but we enjoyed a freedom at a young age that kids who grew up in the city never know.

Even now, I recognize that throughout my life there has been only one major constant that makes me happy, being in the woods. As such my visits lately are peppered with the notion that those of us who left are the foolish ones as we didn’t realize what we had, a slower pace of life, infinite recreation possibilities, and a low cost of living.

Of course, the grass is always greener, and I’m not in any hurry to trade the city, culture, restaurants, worldly populace, employment opportunity etc, for a permanent return to the Northwoods.  Still it’s nice to visit for a while.




I’m back from my travels, but still settling in.  Be back broadcasting regularly after the weekend.

Winter Essentials

I cannot stop listening to the Damned’s Damned Damned Damned album. If you don’t have it, you need it bad.

This Iggy Pop cover is the best.

Friday Funday with B.Ridget

Gone For The Holidays

mr. t vs. nancy reagan
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Happy Holidays to you all, and thanks so much for reading.