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Vanagon Project

As many of you may know from reading this blog, I’m a man with a van.

An ’85 Volkswagon Vanagon that’s got a fresh ass set of 16’s, a hot rodded (so now it gets like 119hp) motor, and a custom interior.  And since it’s a Vanagon, it’s also always in need of repair.  What a money pit, but it’s the vehicle that suits my steeze so what you gonna do?IMG_9988
The latest project has been a long time coming, but with help from my friend Ellie, who’s a metal sculptor and fabricator supreme, it should eventually turn out awesome once I figure out exactly what I want.

Problem: The van could be way sweeter, and it’d be nice to give my legs some protection in the case of a front end impact (knock on wood).

bullbars sketchbull bars
We thought that the above was going to be the solution, we would attach the bars to the frame rails and wrap around the front of the bumper.

It’s the look I was after, but my concern is that in a minor impact the bars would get bent backwards and mess up the front of my van without providing any protection benefit.

Then Ellie sent me the below photo:552
This is a friend of her’s VW (looks to be a late 80’s Syncro to my eye, judging by the lights and tires), with a custom bumper that he fabricated.  He took off the chrome facade and bolted this bad boy right on.  He also added foglights, which must be sweet because the van’s stock system is awful.  (I upgraded my round headlights to some illegal motorcycle one’s to improve my setup)  Not sure what he uses the receiver mount for, but the whole thing looks pretty sick.

I’ll keep you posted as to what we decide.

Any other van folks out there do anything similar?

Skate Video Wednesday *Bonus

so smooth, make sure you at least see the clip at 4:40 ish

Thank You

to my man John over at Hayes/Answer for the hookup on these Strike Gloves to replace my beloved 661’s

I’ve only had two rides on them, so not enough time to really form an opinion, but so far so good

Skate Video Wednesday

dork trick spawn of Mullen

Old Skate Shit

from Them Thangs

classic skate ads

iconic designs

Remember Bandit Cross: Night Moves: Friday


Remember that this Friday Minneapolis’ premier outlaw cyclocross night crit experience is happening.

Where: Minnehaha Dog Park (use the entrance off the bike path and head to the water, you’ll see us)
When: November 9th – 9pm
What: Short Course cross racing

Show up to race, stay for the fire.  Bring beers (no bottles please) and warm clothes.

I haven’t been able to locate any reflective tape to mark the course. Anybody know or have something?

 Facebook Event Page

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