Rummage Sale on Sunday Don’t Forget


A couple of homies will be bringing down stuff.

I’ve got winter jackets, clothes, wheels, a Brooklyn Park Bike frame (new) and a whole bunch of tires, bars, etc…

hope to see you there.


I saw this little display in Golden Saddle and got real stoked on it.
I love creative little DIY projects like this, and if we had a porch or entryway on our house, I would definitely make one of these to put my gloves and such.


From top right:
Sonic Youth “Murray Street,” Bonnie “Prince” Billy “Master and Everyone”, Uncle Tupelo “March 16-20, 1992,” Q65 “the Life I Live,” Public Image LTD “Second Edition,” Circuit Rider self titled.

The weekend before I left for Los Angeles, I stopped into Treehouse and made a good size buy.

I’d call them all highlights as Murray Street, Master and Everyone (one of the best sad records ever, and guaranteed to get you laid), March 16 are some of my favorite albums from their respective bands.

That Public Image Ltd, record just fucking slays.
Now as someone who came of age during the 90’s and thus was first introduced to Johnny Rotten as the biggest dipshit to ever grace MTV, it’s pretty hard for me to imagine that this paper champion ever did anything worthwhile past the Sex Pistols.  But wholly hell is this record essential.  Do yourself a favor and get into it.

And that Circuit Riders record, psychedelic French craziness that D.O. introduced me to, is the perfect recipe for a night in, some whiskey, and a bad acid trip that ends up with someone missing a toe.  (in the best way possible)


photo by Super Domestique

DTLA Race Report

I did a little race report for the AC Blog, check it out if  you want to know the story behind my semi-triumph in the C’s


Bike Jerks: Survive & Thrive

Holdfast Dog Leash & Color

Thank you so much to my homie Jeremiah who sent me a little care package with what I assume are one-offs, for my little Baroo. Pretty neat trade, I made him some Bike Jerks stuff for his newborn, and he sends me these for my dog. I’d say I definitely came out ahead on this one.

Thanks buddy!IMG_2623



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Product Review: Search & State S1-J Riding Jacket

photo by John Watson

By now, ya’ll know all my hangups and weirdness about cycling clothes.  Pretty much most of the things I ride in beside Lycra are either mountain/climbing stuff or things I got second hand from someone who was finished with it.

In the second category is the red Sugoi windbreaker/vest that you’ve seen on the blog plenty of times.  It’s my jacket, and so I wear it all the time.  Rain, wind, whatever.  The problem though is that it’s not waterproof, or even water resistant, not even close.  I even went hypothermic at Almanzo two years ago in part because of that trait.

So how do I come to get over my hangups?  Somebody gives me something and I rock the shit out of it as “duty.”  That’s what happened with that Levis jacket, and is what has finally got me putting old red into retirement (at least until I need a vest.)

If I got it for free, I don’t really give a shit what anyone says or thinks about it.  It was a fucking gift, stop being such a prick.

Search & State S1-J Jacket


In getting ready for the LA trip, I didn’t really know what to pack as we were supposed to go on a little tour (more on that later) and there was rain forcasted.  I had two choices, either pack my Patagonia rain jacket and my Sugoi windbreaker or one or the other.  I either bring two pieces of gear or rock one which sucks at the other function (rain vs riding).

Luckily just before I left, Devin (half of S&S and a fast as shit MPLS cross racer) hooked me up with this thing.  Problem solved.  It’s both a rain jacket and a riding jacket.  Brilliant.

Although I wore it the whole trip pretty much everyday (due to all the rain), the top photo by John is the only one I have of myself in the jacket.

To say that this thing saved my ass would be an understatement, we did a couple of rainy muddy cross rides, hung out at the races all day, and went to the bars.  This jacket performed flawlessly the entire time, and I looked cute as hell too.

While it is possible to “soak” the jacket after hours of exposure, it was still warm, and dried off amazingly fast.  That fancy Schoeller C-Change fabric is crazy badass, and the construction of this made in New York garment is of the highest quality.

The only negatives I could find have to do with the zippers.  If your back gets muddy spray, you may have a hard time getting into the single rear pocket, and with the zippers being pretty large compared to the weight of the jacket, they flap around heavily and noisely when you are riding with it fully unzipped.  The chatter from the bottom zipper pull tab was an irritant too at first, but I just started zipping it up a centimeter or two and that took care of that issue.

The fit should be addressed here too, as I wear a medium t-shirt, large bibs and jersey, and typically large jackets.  With this though, the cut could cheritably called “athletic” but more appropriately called “climber,” I was into an XL. The odd thing is that it’s the sleeves that pushed me up a size.  In the large the fabric stuck around my forearms, I just didn’t have any room for deez guns, and there was no way I could layer a long sleeve woolie under it.

While this jacket is probably way too classy for the likes of me. I’ve got to say that it is definitely highly recommended.  The cut feels good while riding and the fabric is phenomenal, it’s as waterproof as can be, and is easily the most breathable jacket I’ve ever put on that can stand up to hours of rain.

It’s super rad, and I’m so glad that I own one.  It’s going to get years of use.
Highly recommended.
Go get one here