Bandit Cross: Night Moves

Bandit Cross: Night Moves
Night Cross Crit
November 9th
Meet at the Minnehaha Dog Park, take the entrance off the bike path down to the shore

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This race represents the fruition of a long held dream of mine, to race cross bikes in the dog park proper.  Over the past few years Baroo and I have spent a ton of time down there, and it has come to be one of my favorite places in the world.

While we have a dog park course, raced it last week, it’s not actually in the dog park.  The reason we haven’t touched the main area is obviously the dogs and their owners.  While I love racing, I don’t love bumming out a bunch of folks.

The answer then is to do it at night when the park is empty, and since it’s dark out we’ll eschew the technical and focus instead on a sweet short track section with some trail, some wide open double track, and one heck of a natural log barrier.

I’m thinking tiki torches, a central fire, and a nice little get down in the woods.

It’s going to be rad, and I sure do hope you’re able to make it.

Please bring beverages, a good attitude, and lights.

Homey Fall Fest Photos

Well well, another Homey Fall Fest has come and gone with the usual amount of organization and hijinks.

We spent what ended up being a gorgeous fall day messing around down at Hidden Falls and finished it up with a nice little fire along the banks of the Mississippi.

Photos. Boom.
the esteemed Mr. Kinevil was in the house

IMG_2074IMG_2079Pints Guzzled and Thor

Some dudes rode down this really big hill

Hurl’s getup was thorough

ready to get all meta?  Here’s Stevil taking a photo…

of me taking a photo
now I’m taking a photo of him taking a photo, crazy right?

Bobby rode all kinds of shit on a vintage Evingson, and brought a giant muffin that impressed pretty much everybody

Dam Spiller off the root jump

these guys


and here’s a final parting shot, taken by Stevil Hoss, which may be the best fire shot I’ve ever seen.photo5

As always, wish you were there.

Check the whole set here

House Party Cat 5

The Philadelphia institution now calls MPLS it’s home.  See you there.

All-City Thunderdome Prebook

If you’re dying to get your hands on the new All-City aluminum track racer, the prebook’s just went live. 


While we are deeply in love with steel, we recognize that in certain instances other materials can be super appropriate.  One such scenario is on the velodrome, where things like resiliency and vibration damping take a backseat to concerns over stiffness and weight.  Of course you can race your Big Block at the track, but at a competitive level few choose steel. 

Enter the Thunderdome. 

We’ve taken our tried and true Big Block geometry and adapted it to a shorter axle to crown carbon fork and alloy frameset.  Because we love the lines of the old Cannondale track bikes, we went with traditional round tubing, a standard 1 1/8″ headset, and to give it that AC touch, polished panels on the downtube and seatstay. 

It is stiff, fast, and ready to race.

Head to your local shop and have them reserve one for you, MSRP is $650
photo by Daniel

Trash Bags Sale

stock up now on cold weather gear, handmade in MPLS

Track or Treat 6 Results

The kickoff to this past weekend’s bike extravaganza was the sixth annual Track or Treat race on Friday night. The race started and ended at Peacock Groove, and the course was a flat out 13.5 mile sprint through the Friday night traffic.

46 racers showed up and took to the streets.
After the news about Chuey broke on Thursday, we quickly turned Track or Treat into a fundraiser and between the donation jar and the raffle (big thanks to The Hub for the sweet Velocity Wheels) we raised about $250 for the cause.

Kayla and Nick rocked the raffle


1 Innokenty
2 Max
3 Christian
4 Alton
5 David S
6 SK
7 Nate W
8 Paul B
9 Alex O
10 Sam B

1 Loretta
2 Shaina
3 Kathryn
4 Amy
5 Sveta
6 Karyn

 See the rest of the photos here


Homey Fall Fest Photos will be posted tomorrow


IMG_2213say what you will about my eating habits, but my bagel game is on point

Stolen Bike Alert: NE MPLS

(no picture yet)

My friend Mary just sent this over:

Not sure if you know my brother Jerome, big guy, tattoo artist, funky mustache, went to EC as well… But his bike just got ripped off outside of Sentyrz in NE. One of those – forget the lock, in the store for 10 minutes to grab beer and it’s gone.

Here’s a description but it is pretty recognizable being it has a few distinct features.

Jamis Beatnik single speed, white & black frame with custom leather grips (very recognizable), white front tire, black rear tire – serial #U96U39699

If you see this bike, please grab it back.  It should be recognizable as a SS Jamis with a white front tire and leather grips.

And don’t say shit about the no lock thing, we’ve all done it.