Stolen Bike Alert: NE MPLS

(no picture yet)

My friend Mary just sent this over:

Not sure if you know my brother Jerome, big guy, tattoo artist, funky mustache, went to EC as well… But his bike just got ripped off outside of Sentyrz in NE. One of those – forget the lock, in the store for 10 minutes to grab beer and it’s gone.

Here’s a description but it is pretty recognizable being it has a few distinct features.

Jamis Beatnik single speed, white & black frame with custom leather grips (very recognizable), white front tire, black rear tire – serial #U96U39699

If you see this bike, please grab it back.  It should be recognizable as a SS Jamis with a white front tire and leather grips.

And don’t say shit about the no lock thing, we’ve all done it.


BMX Video Monday

Daniel Wedemeijer Orange Juice Exclusive from Tom Lammerse on Vimeo.


BUTTERYASS MONDAYS- BUTTERYASS SCHEMIN’ from butteryassmondays on Vimeo.

Track or Treat Photos by Daniel

It was a long and crazy weekend, and I have not had time to process the photos or the proceedings.  Others have though, so check out this photo set by Daniel.530783_1766025871850_1589324318_n
your winners, Kesha and Loretta in an epic battle of rock, paper, scissors


Homey Fall Fest

Homey Fall Fest 2012
Sunrise Inn – S. MPLS
Meet at Noon

Be prepared for anything
Gears will be met with sneers


Friday Funday with B.Ridget

Track or Treat Is Now a Chuey Fundraiser

Cycling circles nationwide are organizing to stand behind San Francisco’s Kachusha “Chuey” Munkanta, who is in a heap of legal hassle and medical bills after being brutalized by the S.F. police and getting felony charges.  (I won’t rehash the story since it’s been written up by others with a more personal connection to him)

Now I don’t know the man personally, but his reputation and work are both sterling.  Earlier this year he did a run of caps for Bike Jerks and has done All-City’s in the past.  In fact all three of my favorite cycling caps were made by him.

If I was on a turn like this I sure hope the community would get behind me, so we’re turning tomorrow’s Track or Treat race into a benefit.  All proceeds will be donated to Chuey, and we’ll have a donation jar at the race as well.  Show up, race, donate, and party your face off.

To get you even more juiced, here are the prize wheels built by the Mark$ter.IMG_2014
One set will be going to either the men’s or women’s race winner, depending on who wins the Rock, Paper, Scissor Clash of Champions. And the other set will go to the winner of the costume constest.  Thanks to Velocity and All-City for the materials to make this happen.

See you tomorrow!



Track or Treat Tomorrow

don’t forget to show up, and bring a six pack for party admission

course is only 13.5 miles long.  it’s going to be a mad sprint.

Classic Style