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Birthday Gift

B’s Dad, Tom, hooked me up with a gem from his personal collection for my birthday. A countertop Scwhinn display that shows how gears work. I’m guessing it’s from the 70’s and it is as of now, one of my most cherished possessions.

so rad

This Yours?

found at Track or Treat

Friday Funday with B.Ridget

In honor of our Fancy Ray sighting this week, my favorite Fancy Ray commercial:

Bandit Cross Race 12 Photos

IMG_2181It was a hell of a weekend, Track or Treat, Homey Fall Fest, and Bandit Cross on Sunday.

By the time that morning rolled around I had gotten drunk and sobered up at least four times in the previous 36 hours.  I was burnt out and clinging to the sheets for dear life, with chocolate milk the only salvation.

But as course work started, big thanks to the fine folks who pitched in, I started getting more and more excited.  I love Bandit Cross, it’s a life affirming experience for me, and this past weekend 33 racers lined up to tackle a revamped Dog Park course.

Rather than the return on the bike path, we ducked up into the Coldwater Springs area for a nice little hill and some gravel path action.  It was a great addition, and really fulfilled the potential of the course.  I was pleased as punch.

Not to mention we were graced by Stevil Kinevil hisself, who was there to ride and report for Paved magazine.

Thanks to all who showed up, those who raced, and those who came to the afterparty at the Catfish.  Devin from Search and State was your winner.
full gallery here



Bandit Cross: Night Moves

Bandit Cross: Night Moves
Night Cross Crit
November 9th
Meet at the Minnehaha Dog Park, take the entrance off the bike path down to the shore

Facebook Event Page

This race represents the fruition of a long held dream of mine, to race cross bikes in the dog park proper.  Over the past few years Baroo and I have spent a ton of time down there, and it has come to be one of my favorite places in the world.

While we have a dog park course, raced it last week, it’s not actually in the dog park.  The reason we haven’t touched the main area is obviously the dogs and their owners.  While I love racing, I don’t love bumming out a bunch of folks.

The answer then is to do it at night when the park is empty, and since it’s dark out we’ll eschew the technical and focus instead on a sweet short track section with some trail, some wide open double track, and one heck of a natural log barrier.

I’m thinking tiki torches, a central fire, and a nice little get down in the woods.

It’s going to be rad, and I sure do hope you’re able to make it.

Please bring beverages, a good attitude, and lights.

Homey Fall Fest Photos

Well well, another Homey Fall Fest has come and gone with the usual amount of organization and hijinks.

We spent what ended up being a gorgeous fall day messing around down at Hidden Falls and finished it up with a nice little fire along the banks of the Mississippi.

Photos. Boom.
the esteemed Mr. Kinevil was in the house

IMG_2074IMG_2079Pints Guzzled and Thor

Some dudes rode down this really big hill

Hurl’s getup was thorough

ready to get all meta?  Here’s Stevil taking a photo…

of me taking a photo
now I’m taking a photo of him taking a photo, crazy right?

Bobby rode all kinds of shit on a vintage Evingson, and brought a giant muffin that impressed pretty much everybody

Dam Spiller off the root jump

these guys


and here’s a final parting shot, taken by Stevil Hoss, which may be the best fire shot I’ve ever seen.photo5

As always, wish you were there.

Check the whole set here

House Party Cat 5

The Philadelphia institution now calls MPLS it’s home.  See you there.