Holy shit, the copy of RZA as Bobby Digital just came (in Wu-Surround Sound), and crap am I pumped.  If pinned down, I’d have to say that I find this to be the greatest rap release of all time, and an absolute essential cornerstone in anyone’s hip hop collection.  I hold it in the same esteem that I hold DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing, Dr. Octagon Dr.Octagonecolegyst , and Doggystyle.

It’s so weird and creative yet so gangsta, and the production quality is absolutely spectacular. It’s amazing that this record is almost 13 years old.  If it came out today, it’d still be a revelation.

If you don’t own this record, you’re totally blowing it.  Get that fixed.

Homecoming Photos Tomorrow

I didn’t have time to get to edit all the homecoming photos I shot or were shot by Beth w/ my camera due to being massively hungover.  Come back tomorrow for the full tour.

Track or Treat Prizes: Velocity

IMG_1898Our friends over at Velocity were kind enough to once more support the MPLS cycling community, by hooking up to rimsets, spokes, and nipples for the upcoming Track or Treat race on October 26th.

With the AC hubs these will make up one prize for the race, and the top prize in the costume contest.



Track or Treat Prizes: Banjo Brothers


Banjo hooked up two more of these sick Bike Jerks embroidered day packs for the race.

Thanks a bunch dudes!

Friday Funday with B.Ridget

NBZ Glamour Shot


Race Face


via pedalare!pedalare!

Track or Treat Flyer

*flyer by Greg Bemis

Track or Treat 6
October 26th

Peacock Groove – Ivy Building Seward (across from the Hex, facing the Greenway)
Meet a 8:30, race at 9

Expect a short 15 mile race, open to all kinds of bikes, but there will be a minute time bonus for fixed, as well as a minute penalty for lack of costume.

 Entrance to party is a six pack of beer, we will put them all in a kiddie pool full of ice and then it’s a free for all, just don’t be grabbing any and putting them in your bag, I’m making SK Beer Sheriff.

If you race, you still need to provide a six pack.  Go get one at Hum’s before the race.

If we get a beer sponsor that may change, but the group kiddie pool thing seems to work okay at other events and it seems like the easiest way to amass a bunch of beer.
(P.S. if you have a kiddie pool you’d like to donate to the cause, hit me up)

This party is going to be the social event of the season.  Kopish, Housepig, and myself are going all out for this one. It’s going to be some next level shit.  Strobe lights, smoke machines, horror movies, Heavy Metal, blood, sweat, and skin.

Be there.

Facebook Event Page Here

Ty at Cross Vegas by John Watson

Today on the AC blog, I posted up some photos that John took of Ty, from Golden Saddle Cyclery, at Cross Vegas.

so good.

Via AC Blog