Hammerbone Winter Caps


Leif stopped by the other day to pick up the Limongi and gave me a sneek peek at his brand new winter caps from his company Hammerbone.

Like all Hammerbone caps, these beauts are handmade in Minneapolis and offer a unique  spin on the traditional cycling cap.

In the case of these new winter jobs, that twist is lumberjack style ear flaps and a Polartech lining.

Check them out

Though I forget the exact number, I believe he’s looking for around $40 for one of these beauties.

Winter’s coming – Get Some



Favorite Things: Honey Crisp

IMG_6015Now as I’m always quick to point out, I am a proud Wisconsin native to the bone.  (my parents grew up in Colby Wisconsin, home of Colby cheese, and I spent summers hanging out on dairy farms)

While I will claim Minneapolis in a heartbeat, I will forever hold disdain in my ‘Sconnie heart for the rest of the state.  I just don’t care.  I have no allegiances to it.

However there are some things that the state has done extremely right, they elected Jesse Ventura for governor, gave the world Prince and the University of Minnesota birthed the most delicious apple known to man: the Honey Crisp.

Holy hell are these things amazing, and a fall harvest delicacy.   Only one time per year do they become available, and if you ever have the opportunity I highly suggest you check into one.

So flipping good.