So here’s the story: Aaron and I arrived at the Sibley house around 2pm. As soon as we let the dogs out of the car they of course dashed to the woods across the train tracks from where we parked.

Immediately we hear and see a train barreling down on us, I’m about five feet from the tracks frozen. I’m contemplating jumping over to get the dogs, and Aaron’s yelling at me to stay put (good advice). The train is coming up quick, it was a very scary Stand By Me type of situation, I’m telling the dogs to stay Aaron’s telling them to come.

Now the train is on us and at the very last instant the dogs take it upon themselves to jump over the tracks (there was maybe like 3 feet to spare) and begin chasing each other around like nothing happened.

When I tell you that we almost lost both Baroo and Ellie, you still will have no idea just how close it was.
Scary shit.

Any college freshman who’s trying to bang hippy chicks will tell you one of the primary tenets of Buddhism is the concept that attachment causes suffering, so we put it behind us and proceeded to have a damn fine time.

the tracks

stuck in the mud

  • Man, I am SO glad this had a happy ending. As a dog owner, I almost didn’t finish reading it. I feel like I want to go home and hug my dog, right now.