Save the Velodrome

Hey folks,
Today we’re stoked to bring you a short documentary about the efforts to save our beautiful local velodrome, the NSC, by Christian Sundquist.

In 2014 The Velodrome at the National Sports Center was gearing up for the coming racing season in the Summer. Just before the track was scheduled to open for the season, the NSC analyzed the structural integrity of the track. Their conclusion was that the velodrome was unsafe to race on in its current state. With no budget for the Velodrome the NSC decided to close down the racing venue for good. As the rumors trickled down to the racers, frustration grew. The racers and the cycling community quickly banded together to fix the structural / financial problems and to save the velodrome. This is their story.

Save The Velodrome from Christian Sundquist on Vimeo.