Scores from the Sh!T Swap


On Sunday there was a little swap meet at the Midtown Global market organized by Ben Wallace and the Volvpac.
I didn’t sell much, but I am real stoked on the pick ups.

That’s a factory cut away Cannonade frame, a carbon Crank Brothers carbon bar, a Bike Jerks hoodie (that I bought for $1, not the first nor likely the last time I buy back some BJ stuff at a swap meet), green ano Paul levers, saddle bag, a wool Salsa beret and some sweet panniers.

Let’s take a closer look at why this stuff is cool:

¬†was lamenting the other day about the lack of cool panniers, I myself own a set of waterproof Axiom’s and while functional, they leave much to be desired aesthetically. Not that panniers necessarily have to be beautiful, but like all objects in your life it’s always a bonus if something is both useful and nice to look at. I’ll also throw “ages well” into that paradigm.

I had seen these for sale on the Trading Post a while back but didn’t jump, when they showed up at the swap I pounced. They are made by Tiny Tank Tech in Athens, GA. They are cordura and waxed canvas. They look really well built, my only worry is that they won’t be waterproof enough. Time will tell.

his was a pickup from Hurl, a wool beret going back to the Petaluma days of Salsa. What gets me is that someone at Salsa was all like “hey, what we really need to do is a beret” and someone else was like “F-yeah, that’d be so sick. We have to make that happen bro!”

I bought it because it’s an awesome piece of 90’s mtb ephemera.


nd I was gifted this cool cutaway of a Canondale F3000 frame, which shows the welds and the butting profile of the material. Very cool!


And speaking of things that age well, I didn’t grab this at the swap, but the day before from someone selling it on Facebook. It’s a well used Gilles Berthoud bag and I think it’s absolutely love and can’t wait to mount it on my touring bike. It’s going to look sick with the new panniers.